05: How to Grow a Audience and Market a Podcast to the World

FUM 5-2

Welcome!  Last week we talked about how to create your podcast, and this week we are going to talk about growing and marketing your podcast.

Pains and Struggles:

Topic based podcasts will need to be handled differently from a marketing standpoint than interview based podcast.

Topic based interviews are harder and the burden is on you to create value to help grow your following.

Interviews have their own challenge in finding the right guests and making sure they can give the right kind of value to your target audience.

Social Media is a great way to market your podcast.  FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Aside from social media, what can you do?  Create a website for your podcast.


Tips for an interview based podcast:

  1. Find an authority figure within your niche and have them come on the show. You want to make sure your authority figure is there to add value, not just to market themselves
  2. Where can you find authority figures?  Everyone is accessible, in some way.  We just asked to connect and the rest is history.
  3. Check out bestsellers in your niche and see if you can connect with them and ask them on your podcast.
  4. Building a real connection with your guest means that you have a better chance of the guest helping to promote your show.
  5. Get an authority to guest blog on your website, so that they can help drive traffic.
  6.  Go to social media channels and find where your target audience is.  These groups and other destinations are great ways to make connections so you can share your podcast.
  7. Provide value before you ask for anything in return.
  8. Understand it will take time.  The average podcaster quits within 6 months of starting a podcast.
  9. Give twice as much as you ask for in return.
  10. Build a killer lead magnet.  It’s what you offer someone in exchange for their email address.  If you don’t have a lead magnet, you aren’t adding value.
  11. Try to mention what you have coming up on the next podcast episodes, to build excitement.  Also mention what you talked about last week, so someone can know what they might have missed.
  12. Give value that people can take action on right away.  Mention resources and give them an action to get them to the next step.

Outside of the Podcast:

  1. Use and leverage social media.
  2. FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram


– Consistently post

– Be engaged when people ask questions or engage our content

– Use images and create sharable graphics

– Share episodes and posts about upcoming episodes

– Social media platforms are not owned by you, so the rules can change at any time.  Always drive traffic to your webstie.

– Use Facebook Groups


– 85%/15% rule applies.  Add 85% value and promote 15% of the time.

– Share the content from your guests on Twitter and it will build a stronger connection to them.


– Post high value pictures

– Post bonus content and info graphics

– Post checklists to drive traffic to your podcast and website


– Tag people in your pictures

– Add high value content

We struggle with the same thing everyone else does.  We are trying techniques and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

  • Give-Away in Return for Ratings and Reviews in iTunes:
  • Having good reviews gets you more attention from iTunes
  • Bestselling book authors end up getting their content on Amazon
  • Submit to as many free directories as you can
  • Accept speaking engagements to help promote your podcast
  • Be everywhere
  • Just show up in a lot of places everyday
  • Be consistent in your release schedule
  • Be excited to engage with your listeners

Tech tip – wisestamp.com – allows you to add your signature to your Gmail account to help promote your business


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