08: Private Mentorship Call # 1 with Millionaire Mentor Dan “The Man” Lok


Welcome to FU Money!  This episode is a way for us to show you about transparency.  This is a behind the scenes session with our mentor and Dan.  He lays it on the line and tells us like it is.  It’s tough love, and even tougher to change.

After this session, we realized that a lot needed to change.  We both have baggage from growing up that affects the way we project our own voices.  This is a huge challenge to us.  Wow, it’s been terrible and now we are going to try and come across much better in the future.

Dan felt like we had so much content in our first few podcasts, but we just had too much content and information for anyone to relate to.

Here is some of the feedback we got from Dan:

  • You need to tell stories in your podcast
  • Be enthusiastic about your content
  • You have to make people want to listen to you
  • Look for things going on in your life that you can relate to your podcast, in a storytelling fashion
  • You have to over-exaggerate your enthusiasm level because it is always much less to the listener than you perceive it.

“Stage time = wealth time”.  If you have time on the stage, you need to make sure you are prepared because you are building your wealth with your presentation.

Mike and I came up with a few things we could do to improve our speaking voices, and wanted to share them with you.

Ways to improve your speaking voice:

  1. Practice reading out loud with enthusiasm and focus on pronunciations.
  2. Talk from your diaphragm because it is more sustainable
  3. Do a video of yourself to critique your delivery and presence.  You don’t have to do anything with the video, but it is the best way to look at yourself objectively.
  4. Stand up and gesture while you are talking.  It instantly raises your energy level.

We recommend reading:

Face the fear and do it anyway

Any books by Byron Katie

Thanks so much for listening today.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us how we can help you make money online!

To your FU Money!

Mike and Rob

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