11 Simple Steps to Creating Your 6-Figure Kindle Publishing Empire

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I want to help each and every one of you take your life to the next level and unleash your potentials. Here is my 11-Step Kindle Success Formula.

If you want to know even more about Kindle Publishing, I highly recommend you taking the Kindle Money Mastery course because it will walk you through step-by-step the basics and foundation of Kindle. It will also let you get access to a great Kindle community!


Surround yourself with Success

One of the biggest things about success in Kindle or any business is having a strong, stable and focused mindset. Mindset is many things combined into one: it consists of discipline, focus, work ethic being coachable, sacrifice and commitment.

There is a lot more that goes into mindset that I will talk about later on. One of the key mentors in my business and life says that 80% of success is mindset and 20% is mechanics.

This is why I want to implant into you the idea that learning niche research, title, cover, keywords etc. is only a small part of it. Actually taking that knowledge and applying it is another.

One of the key reasons that I am at the success that I am at in Kindle is because of the mindset that I approached Kindle with. I went into it having a conviction to succeed and not giving up not matter how much adversity I faced.

In order to develop this driven and killer mindset, you need to surround yourself everyday with people that have “been there and done that”, and also make all of your social media outlets about motivation, success and drive.

The reason having a success filled social media profile is so important is because most people waste their time on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

If everything you are seeing from those sites is about success, abundance and just doing it, you will slowly start to condition yourself into the mindset of the highly successful.

This is what I have done personally, I deleted any friends that I deemed negative, unfollowed pages that provided no value, started following highly successful entrepreneurs like Dan Lok, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Grant Cardone, Dan Pena and I post constantly on my wall with posts that are filled with motivation. This is my way of conditioning myself to the way of the greats.

Let us finally dive into the technical aspects of building your own 6 figure Kindle business.


Create a KDP Account

First things first, you aren’t going to get to a 6 figure Kindle business without a Kindle Direct Publishing account. I want you to go Here and sign up for a KDP account, insert your tax details, bank information and all that good jazz.

If you want to learn the step-by-step to setting this up with no hassle, I recommend taking this course to broaden your knowledge of Kindle Publishing.


Find a Profitable Niche

Now lets get into the good stuff. One of the main things that sell a book is market demand. If your book is not in a market where there is demand, your book simply won’t sell.

You will have to create a demand in that situation and most self-publishers don’t have the support and funding to do that. It’s like selling a cassette tape in 2015, no one is going to buy it because it is so damn outdated!

So the first key thing to do when developing your book is to go into Amazon.com and search for a profitable niche. If you want to see what niche is profitable,

I recommend going to the eBooks section and then going down the categories and clicking on each of them and analyze how sales are doing in each of those categories.

Within categories, there are even more categories and these are called sub-niches. For example: You can have a book in the Business and Money niche, and the book is about Money Management. Money Management would be the sub-niche.

When looking at niches and sub-niches, check out each book on the page and go to the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Generally, if a book is under #100,000 the book is creating a decent income and I have a graph below that shows you the estimates of sales based on the rank of the book.

A good estimate of a niche that is selling well would be looking at the first and second page. If most of the books are under 100,000 Amazon best sellers rank, then you know you got a niche that is selling.

Also, depending on the size of your niche, which you can find out based on the number of search results, you will get different results.

Niches where the search results are 50,000+ have a good market demand however the competition will be very high because many publishers are pumping out books into the niche causing it to be overly saturated.

In order to be competitive in a saturated market, you will need to create a very valuable and marketable book that will need to be constantly improved.

However in a small niche of under 5000 search results, the market demand isn’t as high, which means there will be less competition, so your goal would be to dominate the market completely and having your book at the top of the page.

Large Niche = Long Term

Small Niche = Short Term + Plateaus in Sales

When choosing a niche, keep in mind these tips to choose a profitable niche.


Create a Keyword Optimized Title and Subtitle

The title is one of the key things that sell a book apart from the cover because when a customer scrolls down the Amazon book page, the first thing they see is the title of the book.

The key here is to optimize your Title and Subtitle so that not only is it keyword optimized, but it is also very compelling and will attract customer attention.

The main title will be your main keyword. For example: If you were doing Money Management, then Money Management would be your keyword. Don’t let any filler words be in the main title because that will negatively affect your book’s search rankings.

If you search Money Management, there will be a search result of around 5500. However if you put in filler words that are meant to be in your subtitle into your main title like “Top Money Management Tips” the search result will be less than 15 because no one is searching for that term.

In your subtitle, this is where you put a short, compelling and straight to the point title of the book with 3 more keywords. An example of a good title would be:

Money Management: Debt Free Fast: Beginner’s How to Guide to Jumpstart Becoming Debt Free, Saving Money, and Creating Financial Freedom through Budgeting and Money Management You can see that the main title is optimized and also the subtitle is optimized. This is your goal in title creation.


Content Outsourcing

When outsourcing your content, whether it is a business book or a recipe book, you should use services like upwork.com or another freelance service that will provide high quality freelancers.

When choosing a freelancer, always choose a person that is native and speaks English fluently, so you don’t end up with a ebook that has 100 different mistakes in grammar and spelling. If you do, in the end you will have to correct all of the mistakes or waste money hiring a person to correct it.


Cover Creation

When creating a cover, always make sure that it stands out and it doesn’t look terrible. The number 1 thing that attracts the customer is the cover of the book.

It’s like watching Netflix and scrolling through all of those terrible movie covers and coming across one good cover that attracts your attention immediately. Base your covers on highly profitable books and also hire a good designer on upwork.com!


Copyright Page Creation

A copyright page is the page that is at the front or near the front of the book that indicates the rights-holder, publication information, and cataloging information from the national library of the country of publication. You can either hire a lawyer to create one for you or you can get it on this course that includes one FREE.


Ebook Proofreading & Formatting

For proofreading the grammar, sentence structure, wording and also formatting your ebook into Kindle format: I highly recommend finding a quality service on fiverr.com. They provide high quality gigs for $5, so you can use your time for more important tasks.


Publishing into Kindle

Publishing into Kindle is very simple. First, you go to your Bookshelf and then you press Create New Title. You enter your Book name, which is your Main Keyword, then subtitle, series title, the description, Author, Amazon Categories, 7 KDP Keywords, Upload Book Cover and then Upload Formatted ebook.

After the initial page, you will move into the Rights & Pricing page, which you will be pricing your ebook. Ebooks that are priced in between $2.99 to $9.99 get 70% royalty, while books that are priced between $0.99 and $200 get 35% royalty. You can find out more about royalties Here.


Backend Optimization

Since you will have a large amount of books if you are planning to scale your Kindle business, you want to optimize your backend for the books as well. Such as referring your readers to your other books, your website or even market to them a product through Amazon associates.

There is a wide amount of strategies that you can implement into your book to make it a source of traffic for your other sources of incomes.


Join a Kindle Success Mastermind

Last but not least, one of the best ways to accelerate your growth in the Kindle business is to join a small mastermind of successful Kindle publishers that all have the same goals.

A mastermind consists of around 5-6 people that all have a passion and drive to succeed. With their support, it will really make this whole process of growth an amazing experience. Not only that, you are building long lasting relationships that will benefit you in the future!

I hope this Kindle Success Formula will help propel your Kindle business to the next level!


Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or question on the blog at any moment. We’ll will answer you to the best of our ability!


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