20 Motivational Quotes From Dan “The Man” Lok

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Dan Lok is our mentor and he is also a Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur and Best Selling author of the book F.U. Money.

Dan has a diverse portfolio of business ventures that generates more than $10,000,000 under his leadership.

He is also the founder of Canada’s fastest growing Entrepreneurs group called the “Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group” with the goal of impacting 100,000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years.

Dan has personally changed my life and mentored me on my path in entrepreneurship.

Here is a collection of 20 Thought-Provoking Quotes from Dan Lok that will open your mind to success and business mastery.


Dan Lok Quotes

“It’s better to be really good at one thing than average at a bunch of things.”- Dan Lok

“Business is the ultimate school of learning.”- Dan Lok

“I am smart enough to know I am not that smart.”- Dan Lok

“Leverage yourself! Find as many ways to make money without your direct control.”- Dan Lok

“Poor people get paid AFTER they do the work. Rich people get paid BEFORE they do the work.”- Dan Lok

“I refused to be poor even when I was broke. Money is attracted to speed.”- Dan Lok

“You can’t be a millionaire with fifty-thousand- dollars-a-year habits.”- Dan Lok

“You can’t be of ANY value to others until you first value yourself.”- Dan Lok

“Confidence comes from Competence.”- Dan Lok

“Don’t take advice from broke people on how to get rich.”- Dan Lok

“Distraction is the only true luxury of poor people. Laser-beam focus is mandatory for success.” – Dan Lok

There is no easier, faster, and more certain way to create massive wealth in record time than the Internet.” – Dan Lok

Never, ever get paid based on hours worked.” – Dan Lok

“Definition of F.U. Money: any amount of money allowing the infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.” – Dan Lok

“Make your first sale online before worrying about getting rich.” – Dan Lok

“Your intimate understanding of your market and core business is the number one ingredient to become rich.” – Dan Lok

“Money buys you time-and time translates to the freedom to pursue happiness and personal growth, the freedom to help others, and the freedom to do whatever you damn well please.” – Dan Lok

“Money is the root of all good.” – Dan Lok

“Making huge sums of money consistently requires a set of skills.” – Dan Lok

“Focus on generating dollars, not pinching pennies.” – Dan Lok


Here is an awesome Dan Lok Video to watch if you want some motivation:




I hope these quotes from Dan Lok have given you inspiration and motivation!


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