4 Easy Ways To 10X Your Productivity

4 Easy Ways to 10x Your Productivity

In the pursuit of my F.U. Money and success up till this point, there are times when I have felt lots of stress whether that is from business or due to burnout. A great quote from Virgil really sums this up, “The greatest wealth is health”.

If you don’t take care of your body, you won’t be able to enjoy your F.U. Money even if you have achieved it. I am not saying that you shouldn’t hustle and work hard, but know how to relieve your stress and take timeouts during your work.

These stress relief strategies will 10X your productivity if you implement them during times of stress. I found it a major help when I felt massive stress. Here are the following strategies:


Regular Exercise

Getting a sweat is a massively beneficial way to relieve stress. It helps clear your mind because while you are in the moment, you won’t be thinking of anything else.

For example: when you are playing a match of intense basketball, your mind would be focused on that rather then anything else. Also, sweating will also help de-stress your body. For me, the best way to increase productivity is to play basketball during the afternoon and get in a solid work block after.


Vipassana Meditation

Clearing your mind can give you a sharp focus and also increased productivity. Meditation is something that I have been interested in a long time.

When you are meditating, your surroundings are quiet and all you focus on is your breath. It feels like after meditation, your mind is cleansed in a way and emptied.

This gives you much more clarity when you go back to working on your business. The meditation that I recommend you learn is called Vipassana. Click Here to find out more about it!


Consulting with a Trusted Friend or Mentor

If you have a lot of troubles on your mind whether that is business related or not. It is always good to consult with a close positive friend or a mentor.

They will give you clarity on the situation and a different perspective. Often times when you share your problems, you are more capable of dealing with them because it feels as if you have some mental support.

For me, when I have difficulty in a business related problem, I will always consult with my close friend Benson or my mentor Dan. They give me advice that I trust and guide me when I am not on the right path.


Consistent Sleep Schedule

Sleep is extremely important in terms of your focus and stress levels. If you don’t have sufficient sleep, you will lack the energy to act on a massive level and get things done. I have had times where I slept at 4 or 5am in the morning and end up waking up at 3pm and still being very tired.

Create a consistent sleep schedule, so you can keep your energy levels up during the day, which will allow you to focus and not be affected by stress. I hope these strategies will exponentially increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels!


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