4 Keys to Becoming a Great Communicator

4 Keys to Become a Great Communicator

Recently, I attended one of the events hosted by the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group. Dan brought up the topic of personality. The event is called the “Mega Networking Event.” Have you ever wondered what type of personality you are and of other people and how to utilize that to your advantage? I sure have.

In the event, I learned the Gem Theory of Personality. This is a really interesting theory because it essentially gives you access to the certain preferences and focuses of different people.

If you use this theory to it’s full capability, you will be able to open way more doors of opportunities and also be able to connect with people much faster on a deeper level.

So lets get into it, what is the Gem Theory of Personality? Lets first break it down into 4 different types of Gems: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Pearl. Each of these gems represents a different personality type and different people have different gems in them.

Your personality can be a combination of gems. You might be a dominant pearl however you can also have the traits of the ruby, so it really varies. So, what does each Gem represent? Let us find out.



First things first, if you are a ruby, you LOVE to WIN! You are aggressive and you are in the game to win the game. You won’t be backing out from a fight because you will be too busy winning it. You are a leader and the alpha of the group and have immense confidence in yourself in a variety of situations.

When you achieve something great, you aren’t embarrassed to tell people about it. You are very straight to the point with people and whatever you think should be said, will be said even if it isn’t necessarily politically correct.

Money is also a huge motivator for you and most of the activities you focus on are income generating. You don’t take lightly on people that waste your time because in your head “Time is Money”!

Some of the things you like: Fancy Cars, Watches, Penthouses and other luxury goods

Your Motivation: Money, Challenges, Winning and Success



If you are a sapphire, you are an extrovert at heart and love to socialize with people. You value people and usually you can be found around a lot of people. You are the life of the party and you are all about the fun!

Most of the times, you say what you think without a filter and you have a very outgoing attitude and might scare away some people that are more conservative.

Not only that, you are a super positive person and you don’t let the negatives of life pull you down.

Some of the things you like: Luxury Goods that are catch lots of attention

Your Motivation: Fun and recognition from peer & acquaintance groups



Are you hyper focused on facts and figures? If so, you might be an emerald. You are more towards the introvert side and your don’t have the strongest of communication skills. Many people view you as a cold and heartless machine however that is not the case.

Since I am part emerald myself, I understand that expressing emotions isn’t necessarily your strong suit. You tend to be a perfectionist and you craft very intricate plans before executing and you are also very articulate with the things you say.

Organization is your strong suit and if you scan around your room, you will realize that everything is organized by category, color, name or use.

I believe one of the strongest qualities of an emerald would be their ability to follow through and sticking to their word.

Some of the things you like: Organizational items

Your Motivation: Solving problems, Facts and Figures



Do you love helping people and providing value? You might be a pearl! You are thoughtful and patient with others and you do everything to avoid conflict. We are great listeners and we give our full attention to the people that we are communicating with.

As I am part pearl myself, I understand pearls view relationships with peers in a long term way. We don’t develop shallow friendships, rather, the relationships that we create are for life. Although we love company, we dislike being in large noisy groups.

Pearl’s strong traits are trustworthiness, loyalty and being true to their word. Some of the things you like: Household relaxation item, quietness and hanging out with very close friends

Your Motivation: Helping other people, Providing value and making a positive difference


How can we utilize this information to better network and connect with people at a deeper level? Now that you understand what each gem represents, I bet your question is, “What’s in it for me?”. If you are interested in creating long lasting relationships and open up more doors in business, this is for you.

If you are talking to a pearl, you can use the fact that they are great listeners and take the dominant position in the conversation. This will allow them to be more comfortable with you.

And since you know that pearls are interested in developing long-lasting relationships, you know you can share lots of your personal issues with them, which will allow both of you to get to know a deeper understanding of each other.

This applies to any people you talk to because everyone is a dominant gem of some kind whether that is ruby, sapphire, emerald or pearl. If you communicate based on the gem theory, you will be able to connect with people on a much deeper level in a much shorter period of time!


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