8 Step Formula That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

8 Step Formula That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams

“Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” I bet the answer is no. I recently found a study of student success after the Harvard MBA Program. An astounding 3% of the Harvard MBAs make 10x as Much as the other 97% COMBINED!

Do you want to know why? Goals. 84% of these people had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they didn’t have commitment to write them down and the last 3% took the time to write clear goals and plans in order to achieve them.

The 13% that had goals were earning almost twice as much as the 84% that had no goals and the 3% made almost 10X more than the 97% combined.

What does this study tell us? You got it, goals are important. The people who don’t have goals, not written them down and don’t have a plan of action to make these goals accomplished are the ones that are lost in life.

Without them, you don’t have a vision for yourself and what you want to achieve in the future. You will be aimlessly walking the path of life and blaming others for why you haven’t achieved anything significant.

The definition of a goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” A few keywords here is “ambition” and “desired result”. Let me ask you now, what do you want in life?

Do you want to be aimless and directionless and after 20-30 years, regret that you should’ve taken action? Or do you want to achieve your ambitions and live the life you always wanted?

You have to envision yourself in the future. Goals allow you to put that vision into perspective. Without them, it is called a dream because all you are doing is thinking about it, but never tae any action.

Goals remind you everyday that you are working towards your ambitions. They are the keys to your success and anyone that wants success should have clearly defined goals and plans.


#1 Mistake People Make when Setting Goals

Many people might be afraid of this concept that I am going to talk about because most people are too trapped inside their comfort zone. They retreat from anything that gives them a feeling of fear or discomfort.

I am going to talk about the idea of 10X and massive action explained very clearly in Grant Cardone’s New York Times Bestseller “The 10X Rule”. What is 10X you might ask? It is the idea of MASSIVE and acting at a 10X level!

Most people don’t think of 10X because they want to be secure and comfortable, so by far the #1 mistake people make when setting goals is setting goals that are too insignificant! A great saying from Dan Pena, The 50 Billion Dollar Man, explains this situation the best,


“If your goal is only 10%, then I can assure you that the odds of you getting more than 10% are very remote, but if you say 1000%, the odds are you can have 300% to 400%.” – Dan Pena


Don’t let your conditioning by society, your parents, friends and peers force you into having only “Reasonable” goals. Stop letting that fear of disappointment stop you from becoming GREAT.


My Goal Setting Formula

My goal is to help each and every one of you take your life to the next level and unleash your potentials. Here is my 8-Step Goal Setting Success Formula that has taken me to new heights in my personal life and I hope it will for yours as well!


10X your Mentality!

First things first, you need to stop thinking so small! When you think of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dan Lok and Dan Pena. Do you think of tiny actions, tiny goals and tiny dreams? Of course not! They all want to change the world in a massive way.

You can go as far as saying that Steve Jobs wanted to reinvent mankind. When you are at that level of thinking, the things that you can achieve are limitless!

So from now on, whenever you set a goal, I want you to 10X whatever that is! If your initial goal is to make $100 online, I want you to set your goal at $1000. If you want to drop your body fat from 40% to 35%, set your goal to getting your body fat % to 8.

I want you to THINK BIG, THINK MASSIVE! That is the only way you are going to achieve the successes that you desire. A lesson from the 50 Billion Dollar Man, Dan Pena (Link to Dan Pena):

When your goals are extremely achievable, once you achieve them, you will be left confused as what to do next. Don’t let your goals limit you, THINK GREAT, ACT GREAT AND BE GREAT! Let your goals propel you to success.


Differentiate Your Goals

Another thing I see with many people is that they only set goals in one area of their life and they ignore all of the other areas. Apart from Finance/Business goals, there are also Health Goals, Relationship Goals, Family goals and Spiritual Goals.

You want create a balance in your life because I believe true success is success in not only one area of your life, but all areas of your life.

However, don’t set too many goals because that will cause you to lose focus. I would say set 1-2 main goals in each of these areas, so you can keep your focus and also broaden your horizons!



Following the S.M.A.R.T method of setting goals, you have a good guideline & checklist to see whether your goals are properly set.

Specific- Your goals need to be specific and not just generalized. Remember that your goals are there to provide you with a clear direction. You need to be able to clearly envision your goals. Live it and breath it!

Measurable- They need to be measurable and not just a broad result like “I want to be rich” because I can guarantee you that if you set that kind of goal, you will never achieve it.

What does rich mean? When will you achieve it? Make your goal, so you know the amount you want and the time you want to achieve it by. “I will be making $5000USD per month Online by October 20th, 2015”. Now that is a measureable goal that will get you results if you take action.

Action Plan- Make your goals actionable by including what you will do to achieve the result you desire. “I will be making $5000USD per month Online by October 20th, 2015 by building and developing 20 profitable marketing funnels that will generate me $500USD each using Clickfunnels.”

Relevant- Your goals should be relevant to what you want yourself to be like in the next 10, 20 even 30 years. If your goals don’t align with the person you want to be in the future, it might be time to realign your goals with what you truly want.

Time-Bound- As discussed above, you need to set a deadline for your goals because if you leave it open, most of you will never take action on them. When you have a deadline, you will develop a sense of urgency that will propel you into taking action.


Yearly Goals List

Every New Year, you should write down your goals for that year that you want to achieve. These are BIG goals! I would say to make a list of 10 goals that you monitor throughout the year and keep them on track with monthly goal reports.


Monthly Goals List

The monthly goal reports are there to guide you and give you more specific actions that will lead you into achieving the goals that you have for the year.

For example: If one of your yearly goals is to be making $5000USD online. Then a monthly goal would be dedicated to building your business through creating 3 profitable sales funnels that have a 30% conversion rate this month.


5 Minute Goal Exercise

I have a priceless resource that has helped me tremendously with my goal setting and reading my goals daily and reminding myself everyday of what I want to achieve!

The link I provided below is my Daily Mindset Journal that will help you keep track of your actions each day, so you will be one step closer each day to your goals!

This journal includes: Things you are grateful for, Critical Task To-Do List, Overall Goal, Successes of the Day, Critical Tasks for Tomorrow and Your Overall Goal Again. You will be using this journal twice a day in the morning and before you sleep. The key is commitment! Commit and you will see results!

I hope this Goal Setting Workshop has broadened your mind on the strategies of setting great goals and also elevating your mindset to the next level!


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