Sarah Canva (Action)

Action and reaction is like giving and receiving. Most people just have not figured out what that actually means…

Clearly you can relate to when I am saying to you, that when you do nothing, nothing can grow out of it…or when you do the same thing day in and day out and you would expect a different result in the end, you must be a right fool.

Who are you fooling in the end? Only yourself!

Nothing comes out of nothing like 0x0=0 

Something grows out of something like 1×1=1

And a lot comes from a lot like 100×100=10000

It is actually a baby mathematical system and most people don’t realize what they are doing every day. When we are stepping on the same stone day by day, month by month and year by year, we will never push the stone to roll, to bump into another stone, which bumps into other stones and they unite to form an ever Lange.

Only when we take action, when we get moving and get mobile a reaction can take place. Only the person who gives can receive, the farmer can only harvest when he before has put out the seeds and acted on the most natural thing. Only when the busy bees enter the blossom the fruit can ripe, which we can consume…

And that is how we are connected to all actions and their natural reactions, to all cause and matter, to what we give out we also will receive back. To take action seems for some people a hard thing to do, but if you are just a little clever in maths, it should be worthwhile to try some moves…be worth it, you have the right that your life enriches and blossoms to the full.

To take action is a big step, but it should not been avoided, because without action you can’t find what you seek … the reaction, the receiving, the harvesting, the fruit…. Is that not what we all are seeking for!


As by the LOA (Law of Attraction) we need to stand in alignment with whatever we seek, but how to do that?

Well, easy, by taking action to get in alignment with the frequency of what we are seeking for. Take action, now!

For intuition and guidance through the process to align with the Universal Law, my next blog posts are waiting for you to be read.


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