Building Your Team

Sarah Canva (Building Your Team)

As in every business you have some sort of hierarchy, but the most effective business works in a team. A team of well picked and wisely chosen members, who all have set their focus in the direction of success. Very important is to recognize your own role in your team, is it your team or are you a team member, are you the leader, the designer, the worker, the creative person, the link as a connective part, the analyst or the pedant…?


Find your role !

When you like to succeed, you should find a level of three important things inside yourself.

1: The Technician – know how to do the work

2: The Manager – train your team

3: The Entrepreneur – have visions, think big, set goals


To stay on the ladder of success it is wise to follow four important points

1: be impeccable with your word

2: don’t take anything personal

3: don’t make assumptions

4: always do your best


Each of us know that there are times our business is on a lower wave, and we feel stuck or trapped. To get back up and get back out of the hole, we need positive, enhancing team players, coaches or mentors. Supervision is a keyword and finding the right mentor is crucial.


Here I like to give you some advice to your success:

– Create an attitude in yourself, not by ego driven but by determination, motivation and compassion.

– When you present something which is helping others, it will also serve you and lead you to success.

– It is about what you think that brings about conditions, so take 100%responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

– All creative scientists know that the true laboratory is the mind, so watch your mind set.


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