Energy Barometer

Energy Barometer

When the darker times arrive and winter is crawling onto our doorsteps, the sun hides and the wind blows, the rain doesn’t stop for days and our heads are pounding from the flue …

This is one of the times our energy is in a low frequency. Perfectly natural and for everyone to be recognised!

By having a closer look, the same situation accurse when we have an argument, we lose a loved one or we have sorrows of any kind…

I like to explain to you the Energy Barometer, every one of us is equipped with naturally.



At 0% our energy barometer is at a zero point, which means we are dead.

At 10% we feel helpless and empty.

At 20% we feel ill and sick.

At 40% we feel unconscious.

At 50% our chakras are opening and it is time for Decisions.

At 60-80% change is happening.

At 90% a feeling of fear is arising, questions, like: “Do I really want this…?” are present.

This point is often called: Protector of the Unknown

At 100% it is Exam time:  do we want to go the extra mile; is our desire that big, that we go forth; are we facing the unknown; do we want to open fully; do we want to grow;…

At 160% our aura has grown, but at that point our energy barometer is sinking back to 40% to start growing anew. Our Aura stays bigger.

At the point of 50% decisions are being to be made and whatever decision we do, is perfect. There are no wrong decisions.

When you make a decision you don’t know how it would have been, if you would have decided for a different thing and that is why, whatever decision you make is the right one to go for.

That is the way you need to explore, that is the next task for your life.

It can be totally different decisions you have to take at the stage of 50%, but it is important that you take a decision. Without taking a decision, your entry-level can sink down to 40% and can sink even lower until you get ill.

I know a huge amount of people who only rarely go over the level of 90%, some never do. They stay in their comfortable zone all life long and think they have lived quite a peaceful and natural life.

And yes, they might be right…

For most people life is an up and down and the energy barometer has to work constantly. We are human beings, we are born with a natural instinct and we are trained to make decisions.

With every decision energy is being moved as a natural cause through your being. Then you arrive at a stage of change. That is often an effortlessly and joyfully time.

When we arrive at the 90% stage, we ask ourselves a lot of questions which are mostly associated with the feeling FEAR. Some call it also, Self-protection…

This stage is hugely vital to explore, think-feel-be, what is behind this threshold, will I take this step into the unknown?

It is very important to recognise the fear you are dealing with at this stage, analyse the fear and face it or leave it, sink or rise…?! It is not an easy stage, but anyone can learn how to overcome it, to face their fears and to step into a high vibrational energy.

That means, growing in one selves, exploring new ways of living and achieving dreams.

It is always up to oneself to create one selves own destiny, the stage of exam is a stage to examine yourself and to have the chance to rise into higher energy levels!


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