How To Hustle Your Way to the Top as a Social Media Director with Matt Astifan


Welcome! Today’s guest is Matt Astifan, who is a successful online entrepreneur and a movie geek turned social media expert. Matt is a self-described motivational podcast addict. He is also the founder of Web Friendly, which helps businesses use social media to generate highly targeted leads without wasting countless hours managing social media accounts. He is a Facebook marketing expert and the director of the Internet Masterminds Group.

What you’ll learn from Matt in this episode:

  • How Matt went from the film industry to real estate to sales for an internet SEO company
  • How Matt’s persistence paid off when he focused and narrowed down his niche
  • Matt learned to keep his expenses to a minimum.
  • Personal development workshops can be a big help in adjusting your financial thermostat.
  • Matt explains how he learned to set realistic and consistent financial goals.
  • Sometimes you have to be willing to make a jump and change careers when things aren’t working, even when friends and family don’t understand.
  • Matt says focusing on WHO your audience is and WHAT transformation you want them to make is much more important than what you try to sell them.
  • The one thing that Matt values most as an entrepreneur? FREEDOM
  • The biggest waste of time is holding onto things in life that rob us of energy.
  • Matt shares an exercise that he does (and YOU can do) to free up time and energy in your life.
  • To be productive, you must choose for your day to be pro-active rather than reactive.
  • People will always try to steal your time; YOU have to decide how much you let them take.
  • Matt uses a Google document list of daily tasks and categorizes them as “to do now” and “to do later.”
  • “If you don’t have a plan for the day, then you will default to reactive mode.” (Matt)
  • Matt shares two of his favorite quotes: “People get ahead in the time that others waste.” (Unknown)  “If you want to out-earn me, then you’ll have to out-learn me.” (Brad Sugar)
  • Constant learning is the key to bettering yourself.
  • Learn business success from those who have done it and been successful.
  • Matt says that most people in business school should drop out and go work for and learn from a mentor.
  • One of Matt’s key entrepreneurial lessons? Do ONE thing really well.
  • To be successful in sales, start with a minimally viable product—Matt explains.
  • “Consistency is the key because it helps people see you as reliable.” (Matt)
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