Giving Up v Success; The Importance of a Mentor

Giving Up v Success

Each day, each week, each month and each year our lives feel like being on a wave of the ocean.

What I mean with that is simple, when we reflect back on our past we can monitor a lot of ups and downs. Even like riding on a wave. During the upper times we feel good, proud, healthy, blissful and joyful but on the downers we feel miserable, sick, tired and powerless.

How come that some people feel those downers more frequent then others?

And the question is how to sail on the upper waves more often and longer and how to avoid being stuck on a lower wave?!

First of all let me tell you that it is quite natural as a human being to be riding on both kind of waves and that it is perfectly natural to feel the flow of both kinds of waves during your lifetime. If we wouldn’t feel both, the ups and the downs, we would not be human.

All of us prefer the waves where you can see the sun and the endless sky, where you feel safe and sound, and all of us like to rest forever on these upstream waves.

Life, in most cases is NOT like that and maybe one or the other of you agree with me on that point.

The so called lower wave hits with such an impact and throws us off the track. We get hurt, we argue, we get fired, we lose a loved one, we become ill, unhealthy and sad.

How do we deal with all these lower wave circumstances?

How can we get back up to reach for the higher wave?

How can we become free of pain, turmoil, torture and panic?



It is easy to write these sentences, but I know what I am talking about.

I was tapped in hundreds of these lower waves and I have witnessed hundreds of people being crushed into those lower waves…the only cure to get out is: NOT to give up to get out.

For years I witnessed numerous of people hiding behind doors, building their walls thicker around their comfort zone and becoming sicker and sadder.

I also witnessed numerous of people trying and trying, getting up and falling down and trying everything to not give up.

I asked myself how come that those people who are not giving up still falling down so many times? What is the missing piece, what is the cause of all these crushing waves to come back continuously?

After a long time of ups and downs I finally found the missing piece.



Every GREAT out there needs guidance, every GREAT out there has someone GREATER for help.

Every Mentor has a Mentor, so every Mentor is also a Mentee.

Every Master has a Guru; and every Student has a Teacher.

Like a child needs a parent.

Once you find your mentor, your life starts to ride on a higher wave.

Let yourself be guided and supported.

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