Goal and Mind Maps

Goal and Mind Maps

It is very important to know what you want, but most people don’t know what they want.

If you ask them what they wish for they often tell you what they don’t wish for and what they don’t like to have.

But there is a difference in knowing what you don’t want and knowing what you want!!!

As I mentioned in other blogs, you can make a list with does and don’ts but in this blog I like to focus on a special tool, which can help to get more precise on the positive goals.

Since years I am working with Goal and Mind-Maps, everyone can do them at any time for any reason.

My children love to create Goal Maps and in my psychology studies, Mind Mapping was a major subject.

Mind mapping and Goal Mapping are very similar, in the Goal Mapping process the focus lays in future realistic Goals someone likes to achieve in a certain time frame.

In the process of mind mapping the focus lays on someone’s personal inner believes and wishes more on an emotional level, like a personal island, the safe spot, beautiful, peaceful and secure.

The structure of the mapping process can be variable, you can find inspirational templates in the internet.

I personally visited a seminar a couple of years ago hosted by Brian Mayne, www.goalmapping.com and since then I am working with different kind of mappings.

It is very simple.


Follow My Steps Below:


Start by printing out a template from the internet. There is a template for the right and one for the left brain. It is important that you print out both templates as they belong closely together!!

You start with the left brain template but please think wisely before putting pen to paper.

Focus firstly on your MAIN GOAL, write in down in the correct field.

After that you focus on four SUB GOALS, write them down.

You move on to your WHYs, focus mostly on your main goal while putting your whys down in writing.

Now you move to your HOWs, think what action you could take to achieve your goals.

After that move to your WHOs, and think about who could help you to get closer to your goals.

Finally fill in your TIMELINE, start to finish……be as realistic as you can!



After you have finished your first sheet of the left brain function, move over to the sheet for the right brain.

Only move over to the second sheet, when you are happy with your first sheet!!!!

NOW: get your crayons out, your favourite colours, your brush and paint and let yourself be an artist.

You are the artist for your destiny…

Start with your MAIN GOAL and move around like you did in the first sheet. Stay 100% focused on each section, take the colours which are appealing to you for each section, draw symbols, signs…anything you like. Try to avoid writing.

While you are drawing focus with your heart and feelings, more then with your brain (that part you have already accomplished on the first sheet of paper).

When you are finishes each section, fill in the timeline and SIGN this sheet of paper too!!!

Look and read through both papers again and feel satisfied.

Next: you put the right brain, drawn paper on top of the left brain, written sheet and pin both together in a place where you would see them regularly.

Make sure you see the drawings as often as possible and when your eyes lay on the drawings let the feeling arise, a feeling of satisfaction, of self-worth, of health, of love or whatever you mainly focus on….as positive as possible!


Through this process, your focus is directed more and more towards positive goals and a healthy mind. It is similar to positive affirmations. When you focus on your goals in that way, you will teach yourself to be more aware of the hints coming in your way to act upon.


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