Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

In this blog post I like to present mostly some quotes of successful and mindful personalities.

This blog is designed to give you the knowledge about how important it is to nourish and to mind your physical body so your mental body can be in alignment with the energy of success.

An old Indian Saying is:

 “If you want to see what your thoughts were like yesterday, look at your body today.

If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.”

It is very natural to know that we have a physical body. We can look at it, it is there to be seen with our eyes, but some intelligent people found out and it is proven that we as human being exist out of more than one body. Just because we don’t see something we don’t have to presume it does not exist…!

Thich Nhat Hanh, in his book: Peace of mind, said:

“Ill health mostly comes from an imbalance between the four elements in our body, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

A mindful body is a body with awareness.

The embodied mind is the mind that is fully present in the body.

It is like software and hardware communicating with each other.”

The secret to bring back the mind into awareness is meditation. It brings back the mind home into the body and the body can function naturally in a harmonious rhythm in the here and now.

Deepak Chopra in his book Perfect Health writes about:

Happy thoughts – Vibrant body

Negative thoughts – Aching body

The Dalai Lama goes even further and quotes in his U-Tube clips, that our inner state of mind are the links to our outer actions. We are mind driven and when we compassionately clear and heal our mind set, our body will respond with health and vitality.

“On our last day in our life we can feel happy due to doing and fulfilling our life meaningful and compassionate.”

Byron Katie with her work of the four important questions oneself should ask, are dealing with inner mind set to gain outer results.

Lynn Grabhorn with her method of the astonishing power of feelings, in “Excuse me, your life is waiting”, she says that the inner feeling effects our outer life/body.

When we go a few hundred years back, Hildegard von Bingen, a famous Nun, a Medicus and even political leading influence, around the time 11 hundred, quotes in most of her books and scriptures about healing the body with the power of the inner soul. She also wrote that illnesses as much as physical as well as mental illnesses comes out of the inside state of the mind.

“Negative feelings and thoughts are the seeds for illnesses.”

Now, at the beginning of my blog I wrote to mind the physical body and now when we come to the end of this blog I turn the sentence around and say:

It is also highly important to mind the unseen body, the inner body, the astral body, to watch your mind set and your feeling because that is the spring from where the physical body is feeding from.

Your body is the temple of God.

Mind both…

There are numerous books about mind and body, one I will present you in another blog of mine, which has to do with Quantum Healing, Supermental Intelligence  and Chakra Medicine.

Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind


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