How Dave Koziel quit his job at UPS and Built a 6-figure Digital Publishing Business

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Our guest today is Dave Koziel, who is an entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing and publishing. From a very early age, Dave knew he wanted to run his own business, and he proved that by starting many side businesses throughout his life. Dave left a job at UPS in 2014 to concentrate full-time on his internet business. In the first six months, Dave raked in over $10,000 per month in sales. He started his digital publishing company in 2015 and now teaches others how to build their own internet businesses. Join us for tips and advice from Dave!

What you will learn:

  • Dave’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to always have jobs “on the side,” most of them internet-based in some way.
  • Dave has started over 25 businesses, not all of which succeeded, but he was always learning and gaining experience.
  • “To gain clarity, you have to experiment.”
  • The online publishing niche (ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle store) provides most of his income today.
  • To publish Kindle books, you can either write your own books or hire ghostwriters to write for you.
  • A new Amazon policy went into effect in July, 2015, that has deterred some publishers, but has only increased Dave’s profits.
  • Dave cautions against the “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
  • To start making money online, go to a freelance website and offer your skills and services.
  • Dave shares the story of how his Ebay account got suspended because of his failure to properly train employees in his business.
  • Dave recommends working for a successful business owner instead of going to college to learn nothing relevant to entrepreneurship.
  • Dave’s biggest waste of time? Social media
  • “What action can I take today that will make money for me?”
  • Dave’s three biggest mistakes? Not experimenting enough, not surrounding himself with like-minded people who wanted to succeed, and having the “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
  • The biggest skill needed for online marketing success is to understand the psychology of people.
  • Dave recommends reading books, educating yourself, and learning sales skills.
  • Dave’s favorite resource: Ty Lopez, a master at marketing
  • To those who want to change jobs but have fears: make a big, bold decision!
  • In some way, you have to burn your bridges in order to quit one job to invest in a new venture.
  • Dave recommends that you have a 3-6 month savings cushion as part of your plan and preparation.
  • Make sure your spouse or partner is on board with your decision to launch into entrepreneurship.
  • Dave’s biggest lesson learned? “Don’t Give Up!”
  • Dave’s personal aim? ”To focus on personal growth and bettering myself.”
  • Dave’s #1 tip? “Just Do It!”
  • You can reach Dave at and check out his Youtube channel!


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