How Josh and Jill Stanton from screwtheninetofive grew an internet business of 5 figures per month

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Welcome! Our guests today are the husband-wife team of lifestyle entrepreneurs, Jill and Josh Stanton. In 2011, they decided to test out starting a business together, and after over 30 websites later, are now making 5 figures monthly.

They firmly believe that you deserve a life that lights you up, where you feel proud, and YOU can call the shots. Jill and Josh are here to show you how you can take what you know and transform it into an online business. “Business shouldn’t be boring!”

The Stanton’s share the following about their experience:

  • In the beginning, Jill worked managing social media accounts while Josh ran a software company. They joined forces to begin a skin care product website.
  • They focused on developing a personal brand to teach people how to live their unconventional lifestyle of travel and working from anywhere in the world.
  • Their business began as a way to connect with others through blogging until they were bombarded by people asking specific questions about what they did.
  • They began making an effort to increase their blog traffic and email lists and started offering training courses to others.
  • Affiliate marketing was the best and easiest way to get started since it involved making referrals and earning commissions.
  • The most necessary skill to do what they do? Communication in writing and speaking
  • To improve your communication, LISTEN to what people say.
  • It’s important to understand the “person” you want to serve so that you evoke “ME TOO” moments.
  • For those overcome with fears, Jill and Josh say, “Just do it. Clarity comes from action. Set milestones that you can achieve.”
  • Jill and Josh share a typical daily and weekly schedule in their entrepreneurial life.
  • “Do ONE thing each day to better your business.”
  • The biggest waste of time? Subscribing to a million email lists
  • The most productive use of time? Pick 1-2 marketing mentors and emulate what they do.
  • Meditation or any other skill that improves focus is helpful.
  • “Nothing’s gonna happen if you don’t pick one thing and roll with it!”
  • Their mistakes? Not asking people to buy their product in the beginning, launching digital products with lifetime subscriptions, not choosing their specific customer, and following what everyone else was doing.
  • They took the time to “narrow down” their target customer: the existing business owner earning $2-10K/monthly who is looking to take their business to the next level.
  • Key lessons: Make your revenue recurring and sustainable, create a hyper-engaged community, and focus on acquiring paying customers.
  • Their mission for 2016? “To do less, better.” (a different approach)
  • #1 tip from Jill and Josh? “Stay consistent and persistent. I can be or do or have anything I want.”
  • You can reach Jill and Josh Stanton at or at
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