How to Build a Profitable Fanbase

How To Build Profitable Fanbase

I recently came across this blog post by a very successful blogger Ryan Moran on his website and I found it very interesting. I wanted to share it with you because if you were once like me, you would have not taken these vital steps in to consideration before embarking out on your internet career. Because I myself, along with my partner Michael Lau are starting off on our journey, this is an ideal subject we needed to know if we are to become anyway successful on the internet.


So here is my take from the article:

Regardless of what business you are in, if you don’t have an audience, you don’t make money, and you will go out of business very quickly. Simple as that. Audience building is the heart of everything we should be doing as internet marketers, business owners, authors, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. As Ryan says and I agree,

No Audience = No Business.

Audience building is the fundamental practice that is the core of everything profitable that you do. The main question we should be asking ourselves is ‘what will the audience respond to?’ ‘What value can I add to their lives?’ ‘How can I solve their problems?’ When it comes to building a profitable audience, it boils down to one or two things. Getting attention, growing your audience and building trust between you and your customer, which is essentially what successful marketing is all about. (In my opinion).


How Do You Build Your Audience, Your Customer Base, Their Trust?

Do it by giving your market what they want, what they need, what they are looking for. In my case it’s making money online, building a profitable internet business, working from home, quitting their job, living life on their own terms. That is my goal also, to fire my boss. And to achieve this I know I need to provide something special and share my successes and failures with my audience along the way. I am the reporter so to speak. I share what worked and didn’t work. You need to create something that is so valuable that your audience can’t help but read and digest the content and feel they got their answer and got pointed in the right direction. The important thing is that you want to capture someone’s attention long enough for them to become an audience member. That is key. You need to do this to become successful.


Who Are Your Target Audience? 4 Steps To Follow

Step 1) Start building an audience by clearly knowing your target audience first. This means getting very clear on who it is you are going to be serving. Most people get this wrong because they try to target everybody. You need to know your niche BEFORE starting to target anyone.


Step 2) You will only start to see traction in building an audience if you are targeting a very specific target market. You cannot have a responsive audience if you aren’t willing to define your target market. It’s really that simple. Again, find out where you passion lies, where you feel you can give value and you’ve just found your target market.


Step 3) Get the attention of your target market by speaking to that exact direct market. Answer their fears, their worries, what they love, what they think about, who they want to be.


Step 4) Make sure to alleviate their fears, confirm their suspicions, and affirm their hopes. Even if they don’t know you exist speak to those points regardless. Audience building happens over a long period of consistency. It is worth working into your daily habits to serve your audience. Every day give your audience something valuable.


The Power Of Three

As per the successful entrepreneurs, the power of three is the psychological trigger that says when you follow someone or see someone in three places, they know you, like you, and trust you. Give your target market the opportunity to see you in three or more places.

For Example:




Guest Blogging






And many more….


When you have 5,000 true followers or even less, you have income for life. My goal is to call into being 20,000 people who resonate with my message and as a result for providing value, giving out real important info that they can implement almost instantly, will in effect have a positive effect on my monthly income goal.


You Must Identify These 4 Steps Before Taking Your First Step Forward


Once you have identified these steps and more importantly taken action (because ideas are worthless without action), you have now fine combed your path. This will be much more productive for your success in the future.

Thank you for been part of my journey. If you like what you’ve read or found it useful in any way, then it made it all worthwhile.


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