How to Find Your “Millionaire Mentor”

How to Find Your “Millionaire Mentor”

One of the ways to pack your success is to be very mindful of the company that you keep and who you allow to influence your thoughts. And for the most of us, our thoughts have been conditioned to behave and act in certain patterns since birth.

So, if you naturally think the worst, fear the worst and hang around with negative people, then you have a mountain to climb BUT the good news is it is all achievable.

Our brains are only designed to know a certain amount of people. This means we are influenced by those around us, and as a result it is important to be intentional about who we surround ourselves with because we subconsciously think and behave like the 5 closest people that are around us on a daily basis.

It is very vital that everybody positions themselves for success by getting a mentor that has been there and done that in the industry that they are in. Most people don’t have a mentor because they either don’t know who to find as their mentor or they don’t know how to approach one.

I want to show you who find as your mentor and how to approach that person to ask them to be your mentor.


The Mentor

A person who is at least 10 years ahead of where you are and represents where you want to be. Somebody you admire, respect and trust but also get along with. A mentor is somebody who has gone down the road that you want to go down and can look back and advise on avoiding certain pitfalls. Mentorships are things that take times to develop, and because of this it should stay in place for many years.

5 reasons as to why you need a mentor

1) Guidance and direction

2) To take you to the next level

3) To help realize your goals and dreams

4) Knowledge and expertise

5) Experience and advice

6) Support and Network


5 places you should go to find a mentor

1) Website/Online/Internet (google their name)

2) Industry events like seminars, talks and conferences

3) Chamber of commerce

4) Social media sites (facebook, twitter, linkedIn)

5) Local Business Seminars


Criteria to follow when looking for a mentor:

Not just anyone can be your mentor. You really have to see if both of you have the synergy as a mentor and a mentee. You guys won’t be talking about business 24/7, so you guys should have things in common that both of you like.

For example: both of you like to play basketball or soccer and that is another way you guys can connect.  They should have a vast range of knowledge in the business you are in and the position they are in is the one you dream of to be in.

Most highly successful people highly value their time, so what they do is they have filters that filter out the people who aren’t really serious about their success. You have to show them that you really want it and you are willing to hustle for it.

Before approaching your mentor to ask him/her to be your mentor, you will need to consume all of their existing material (YouTube Videos, Blog Posts, Seminar Events, Books etc.) because if you haven’t even gone into their material, they know you don’t mean it.

Not only that, you should message them and update them on your progress in the online business and whatever you are doing to show them you are consistent and not just looking for a quick buck.


Here’s a script you could use. In my case I will use my mentor Dan Lok. Only use this script after you have established a relationship with your mentor and you have done all the steps above.

Hello Dan,
My name is ______________.
I admire what you do as an internet marketer and what you have achieved already in your life. I have followed your work for months and I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write this email.
I am a struggling entrepreneur and I feel I could do with your help as my mentor.
I am willing to do what it takes to succeed but I just need a break.
Please permit me to invite you for lunch.
My Skype ID is: (fill in the blank)

My Cell is: (fill in the blank)
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tip: After he/she agrees to meet you for lunch, you get the bill! Remember, that lunch was probably worth thousands to you.


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