It is Your Choice, It is Your Decision

Sarah Canva (It is your choice, it is your decision)

There are moments in our lives when we arrive at cross roads. Every one of us can surely remember to be confronted with this particular situation. And I bet every one of us can also remember that when we arrive on these cross roads it was not always easy to choose which way would be the best.

But that is not the million dollar question, which way to choose….it is more important that we actually did choose….which way ever. I recently heart a wise man say “enough is enough” and I thought how right he was in saying that.

When we open our eyes properly to what we are living in day in and day out, what we are stuck in and who we became, I think we all would like to make some changes. Once we allow ourselves to have a quite thoughtful time for ourselves I am sure about that each one of us has a lot of dreams, goals and wish for better times…

When we are stuck in a rat race, doing the same thing every day, nothing will change. Is this the right way for a successful life, a fulfilled life? A life with no regrets?

Can we all say on our deathbed, whenever that may be, that we have no regrets? Or is there one or more hidden wishes, we didn’t allow ourselves to come true, are there wishes deep down in your heart or your thoughts?

Come on, be true to yourself!

Enough is enough, is a sentence which can only followed by actions of change in this moment. The only key we need to end a life of unfulfilled dreams is to have courage.

After you dug out your courage, you can start with your decision making and all of that of course is YOUR CHOICE.

…Your choice, not anyone else’s, only your own.

Would it not be a terrible feeling when you know that you could have changed something in your life before it was too late, but you haven’t done it? There are more than enough moments in your life when you arrived at those talked about cross roads, remember your past and you will see the chances of change you had. Sometimes you made right and sometimes you made wrong decisions, which is perfectly natural.

Be proud of your courage you had in your past and focus on the goals in your NOW. Every single one of your right and wrong decisions brought you to where you are now.

And where you are now is a perfect crossroad to take action in new directions, in drawing a line, in starting afresh, in positive moves, in taking your first decision to make the first step towards whatever seems right for you, for your own freedom, for your own life. Enough is enough, it is time to draw the line, and it is decision time.


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