Life Plus – Review #2


Life Plus – Legit or Scam? You Decide…


What is the Company Name and who are the owners?

William T. (Bill) Evans, J. Robert (Bob) Lemon, Timothy A. Nolan (Tim) and Robert E. Christian founded Life Plus back in 1992, although apparently the roots of Life Plus go way back to 1936.

Their mission statement:

“Life Plus brings together and empowers people throughout the world with high quality products and the opportunity to reach their maximum potential
for health, longevity and lifestyle.”

What is Life Plus all about?

Life Plus is about offering people the opportunity to make an extra income through selling and endorsing their products.

The start-up cost is free.

Plus you get 3 different free standardized websites with your name and unique referral number on each, so that when you send a customer or prospect to that page and they buy something or join up, Lifeplus will know that it came from you.

Their headquarters is in Batesville, Arkansas, USA.

Life Plus is primarily a health and wellness nutritional company but they also carry personal care, skin care, and weight management products that work.

Life Plus go by this motto:

They contain the three keys for success with a home business from a product standpoint.

The products Life Plus sell, people use them on a daily basis.

The products are consumable so they can be used over and over again, which in turn would mean: repeat orders Life Plus say there’s a growing demand for the kinds of products they sell.

Check out the Lifeplus concept here.

The Life Plus business opportunity also contains the three essentials for success from a business standpoint.

You have your own business. So you’re the boss and it’s free.

You work with consumable products, just change where you shop, meaning buy from Life Plus and not your local supermarket.

Repeat the process, now you have leverage.

Of course, nothing is as easy as that!

What Products does Life Plus Sell?

Personal and body care.

Nutritional supplements.

Skin care.

Nutrition shakes.

Vitamins and minerals.

Weight management.

Dental health.

Relief and recovery.



How Much Does it Cost to Join?

The cost of becoming a distributor for Life Plus is free.

Check out their business model here.

What is the Compensation Plan?

 The comp plan goes in 3 stages.  There is no minimum order, but you need to order at least $40IP of products to be able to receive commissions.  

IP = International Points, is a value given to every product to calculate commissions.

PV = Personal IP (International Point/Personal Volume)

GV = Personal + 3 level Commissionable Group Volume

Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee on all products.

These are the first and basic levels you need to achieve.

Level 1 – you earn 25% of all volume on this level if qualified, ($40 IP) personal order.

Level 2 – you earn 10% of all volume on this level.

Level 3 – you earn 5% of all volume on this level if you’re on ASAP and qualified ($40IP), plus (3) 1st level qualified legs.

Now it gets a more complex…as!

Infinity Bonus – you must be on ASAP.
You can never be blocked on your 4th level, you will qualify for the full 3-12% depending upon your rank.

Leadership Generation Bonus – as a Diamond, you are being paid a full 12% on your 4th level, then 3% to 12% below that on all legs until partially or fully blocked.

What could a new person quickly earn?  Let’s look at the pay out with just a few members, using $75 as an average order.

Level 1 – 25%    6 (members)orders  X  $75 = $450    X  25% = $ 112.50
Level 2 – 10%  12 (members)orders  X  $75 = $900    X  10% = $   90.00
Level 3 –   5%  24 (members)orders  X  $75 = $1800  X   5%  = $   90.00

TOTAL           $292.50/mo.

Check out their full comp plan here.

We hope that we confused you enough, that you’ve thrown your computer out of the window…haha. No really, like every MLM company, the comp plan is long, hard and often times confusing to understand.

Easily put, move the product, get paid. Teach your prospect the same, get paid again. And your prospect should do the same. Repeat this over and over.

Sounds simple?! But everything is easier said then done. Talk is cheap!

Remember: paper never refuses ink!

The Pros and Cons


Free to join.

Good products and company.

Good life-changing testimonials.

Been able to work when you want and been independent within the system from others.

Platform and websites already set up for you.

Can scale your business up.

Worldwide (wherever Life Plus are accepted).

Life Plus is around since 1992 so that helps although some might see that as a disadvantage. Meaning last one in, no money left. BUT in legit MLM companies, it doesn’t matter when you join.

30 day money back guarantee.


Must depend on your sponsor to train you.

If sponsor is not competent, you depend on your upline.

Little or no tools or support. You depend on your own will for survival to succeed.

Commissions only paid once monthly.

No streamlined training in place.

Little training on products in place.

Little training on the marketing plan in place.

Little training on how to approach, close and train prospects in place (some high income earners are unreachable).

No streamlined way of keeping ALL distributors in the loop regardless of country, of the changes to the products, prices or anything else made.

Article Conclusion

Like most Network Marketing companies, Life Plus have their pros and cons. There is probably ways of making good money with them but as per my research, a lot of the drive to succeed will have to come from yourself.

There are other MLM companies on the market that cost less on a monthly basis to be active and are around a long time BUT their products might not be as good.

At the end of the day regardless of what company you join, what product they offer, if you want to make money online, build a brand, have a nice monthly income, there is no shortcut. You have to work hard and smart.

Look for someone who made it HUGE in MLM. People who wrote books about them. People like Don Failla have millions in their downline. They would be known as the experts in the field.

Again, some more info on how Life Plus works.

We hope this review helped you in some way if you’re looking to join an MLM company or in particular Life Plus. Again, it is a neutral review. We do not recommend you join up. We are neither for or against.

Thank you.

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