Make A Decision Test..

Make a Decision

Here comes a quick test for yourself on which side you are standing…

The following passage is out of my book: “It’s YOUR Choice”, and I like you to observe yourself while you are reading my message.

On which side of the room are you? Have you the courage to walk into the bright room? How do you feel? What is your goal?


There are Two Rooms; one Bright one Dark


Imagine you are standing in the middle of the dark room. In the distance you can vaguely see a shimmer of light. It is a keyhole, golden bright light is on the other side of the door.

When you honestly try to go inside yourself you can even sense the power of light in the room next door. Stay inside yourself for a moment, here and only here you can start to work.

Ask yourself if you want to have a look into the next room, maybe you are afraid, maybe you are ashamed, maybe you have already given up. What do you have to lose by peeping through the key hole?

The next question you have to ask yourself is what you have to do to get closer to that door. Your feet and your whole body are so anchored in the world you were pressed into.

Do you think you can’t let go of your comfort zone. Is there self-doubt, hesitation and big fear? Or are you ready for this shift?

Again, it is your choice!  Your purpose is clearly to have a look into the light, so go on, let’s face your fears, overcome them and step closer to the door. Do it, do it, do it!

The closer you get to the door the more you can feel the freedom the light spreads. Can you feel the warmth penetrating your skin from the light already? Can’t you imagine the glimps of light mirrored in your eyes ?

The light is welcoming you, realise your own potential.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to wait until you die? There is no need to wait, it is all right here in front of you. The Universe actually wants you to have a fulfilled, joyful life and it will help you on your way, you just have to ask, trust and act.

Be aware of the stones in the dark room, self doubt and criticism are crawling back inside of you, the ego wants to have you back for himself. Continue your transformation and have faith in the light.

Think of the light, feel the light, focus all of your senses towards the light.

You might ask what if the door is locked, where can I find the key?

Calm down, let excuses pass, go back deep inside yourself, can you see it, it is there, just right inside of you. The key to your door of light. Trust in yourself ! You have the ability inside of you, everybody has! This key is in everybody, given from God, you always owned it and it will be always there when you seek for it.

Take your key, take your life in your hands and open the door. Take that choice and act. It is waiting for you, always! Why not NOW?

Enter the bright, white, peaceful room. Step into the light. It is your room and you can find every single one of your wishes and dreams fulfilled in your room. Enter and claim your birth right!

Feel it, feel the ease, the peace and freedom, the beauty and the bliss.

Enter the sacred place of fulfilment.

Welcome, forever welcome! Here on earth!

On which side of the room are you now, after reading through this passage? What was your thrive to open the door to the bright room…or did you not dare? How do you feel right now? Can you achieve your goals?


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