Making Your First Dollar Online

Making Your First Dollar Online

I want you to imagine yourself on a beach with your favourite drink in your hand and you are sipping on it while listening to the waves of the ocean, not having to worry about going to that god awful dead-end job that you work at or paying the overdue bills that you have on your financed car and house. Sounds great doesn’t it? This can be made into reality.

As I am typing up this post, I am making money with little to no effort because I have created an income generation vehicle that makes me money 24/7 through the power of the Internet. For me, making my first dollar online has really been an amazing and eye-opening experience. I’ve been raised with the belief that the Internet is a scam and only the “lucky” few will be able to “make it”. However that is complete bullshit.

You don’t need to be a genius or even be an “expert”, what you need is a platform and the desire to learn and the mindset of success.

Most people don’t even attempt to make an income on the Internet and it’s because of their limiting belief. I’m here to blow that belief out the front door. As you surround yourself with more and more success, you will come to realize as I did that time is more important than money.

You can always make more money however you can never make more time, so you have to put yourself in situations where you aren’t trading time for money.

That is the #1 mistake most people make and the reason people make this mistake is because they have been conditioned since small that the only income they should be generating is a linear income, this is where you trade your time for dollars. You DON’T want to be focusing on linear income; you should be focusing on highly leveraged and passive income. This is where Kindle Publishing comes in.


What is Kindle Publishing?

After reading my above paragraphs, I bet you are excited to know what Kindle Publishing is! This is a platform that you can leverage in order to achieve your financial goals in life and it can be your gateway to the world of online business and passive income. Basically how Kindle Publishing works is that you are creating e-books (Electronic Book) and you publish it on Amazon! It really is that simple!

Each month that book that you have published will make you a passive income based on the amount of sales it has. On average, each book can earn from a range of $30 to $1000+! If you knew each book could make you this kind of money passively, how many books would you make? For me, after realizing this fact, I started creating many more books in a short period of time to see the results and they were spectacular!

I peaked at 178 sales in 1 day on a royalty of around $1.33. That’s almost $240 in one day with no active work! Each book that I create is quite short (20-30 page range) that is focused on a specific niche and is keyword optimized. All of the books that I produce provide high quality and valuable content that can make a positive difference in people’s lives and they are all priced at only $2.99! Amazon would pay me 70% royalties per each sale, so that would equate to around $2.08 per sale.

However, my Kindle learning didn’t stop there, I started to learn more techniques, strategies and establish systems that I could immediately implement into my business to increase my sales exponentially. I went through countless amazing and high value Kindle Publishing courses, I tested out countless different strategies on my own and also masterminded with a variety of highly successful Kindle gurus and experts.

Throughout this experience I have met so many wonderful and like-minded entrepreneurs that have impacted me on this journey. Kindle Publishing is truly an amazing experience. Not only am I creating a passive income stream to sustain my expenses, but also being able to surround myself with success and establish valuable long-term relationships.


How Michael got into Kindle Publishing

So how did I get into Kindle Publishing you might ask. Before I got into Kindle Publishing, I was just a confused teenager that wanted to succeed in business. I would surround myself with success in social media, through events and inspirational books.

During that time, I was brought to the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group by my good friend Benson because he knew that I truly wanted to succeed in life and being able to meet like-minded people is one of the best ways to do that.

For those of you who don’t know what the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group is, it is the fastest growing Business & Entrepreneurs Network across Canada! At the group not only did I learn an unbelievable amount on business, mindset and life, but I also found my mentor, who is the founder of the group, Dan Lok.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7.49.13 PM

After each meetup, there would be a dinner with Dan and other fellow successful entrepreneurs. I remember on the third dinner meetup, there were only 4 people consisting of Dan, Jenny (Dan’s Wife), Gary (Vancouver’s #1 Realtor) and I.

At the dinner, we discussed about the different kind of industries that I could go into (At this time, I’m still a confused and directionless teenager that wanted to succeed in business) and the main topic that came up was creating a YouTube gaming channel and monetizing.

However since I wanted to move away from gaming due to bad habits I contacted Dan after the dinner through Facebook to ask about other possible options and this is where Kindle Publishing came up.

Dan recommended I take Kindle Money Mastery, which is a step-by-step video training program that teaches you how to make a six figure passive income through Kindle publishing and guides you to making money online.


Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7.49.21 PM


The talk with Dan was a defining moment in my life because I have finally found my focus and the industry I wanted to dominate! From that point on, I never looked back and Kindle Publishing had my 100% focus and I knew if I had the Determination, Dedication and Drive, I would succeed.

Within that first month I wrote and published my first book “Your Comfort Zone is Your Income Zone” that became an Amazon Bestseller and below is a video of me presenting my book at the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group.

I just want to tell you that whatever position you are in life, whether you are dead broke or just getting by, if you have the Determination, Dedication and Drive to succeed in life, you will.


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