Robert Mc Donagh

Me with my wife and kids
in Ireland

I’m Robert Mc Donagh from Ireland and welcome to my site. I’m 35yrs of age, married with 5 beautiful children. I live in Germany and work as a Chef which I hate and I’m here to bring you my story so far…

I was born in a council estate back in 1979. I have one older sister and two older brothers. My daily life as far as I can remember has been mostly filled with toxicness and negativity. We were very poor and had to survive on nothing.

Even though I was brought up in a council estate, our family was definitely one of the even poorer families there. I always had to wear second hand clothes, borrowed sometimes from others on the same street which I normally only found after I went out on to the street to play only to be laughed at by other kids who recognized that they were their old clothes I was wearing and definitely not new bought clothes.

Me in my back garden
aged 14months

I had to go daily and knock on neighbors doors to ask for milk, bread, fuel for our fire, money, cigarettes for my parents, you name it I had to borrow it and as a young innocent kid I had to listen to the neighbor’s verbal annoyance of asking for things because my parents obviously never paid them back. Having a packet of biscuits was a rare thing in our house. I remember vividly picking out green mold from my bread before eating it.

We only had one form of heating in our house which was an open fire in the sitting room. No radiators or anything else. We also had neighbors at both sides of our house so no side entrance either. There were debt collectors calling every week, which I or one of my siblings would be told to answer the door to them and say my parents are not there.

We NEVER went on holidays and we NEVER had a car. My surname happens to be the same as the travelling community in some parts of Ireland (not that I minded) but growing up as a kid in the same housing estate as the travellers didn’t help matters. I was slagged, called names and jibed at for years. I was beaten up on many occasion, some was my own fault, a lot was not.

At my home aged 12

I never remember my mother working and my father never had a full time job either, we had to survive on social security which I believe was around 100 Irish Pounds a week back then which is the equivalent of about 150 euro (170 USD) in today’s money, for a family of 6. They was always arguments over money (because there was none). And when I came home from school to smell cigarettes I knew today would be a good day because most of the week my parents could only buy tobacco to make it last so when I smelled cigarettes, it meant good mood in the house (at least for that day) and fresh loaf of bread.

It It came very close a good few times that we were almost evicted because my parents couldn’t pay the rent. They were always behind. I left home at around 16yrs of age. My father commit suicide when I was 18 (he was 47). My mother died when I was 23 (she was 50).

I had no friends growing up although I did hang around with a group of guys for a number of years, we played hurling, soccer, snooker, darts, pool together etc and of course I was in trouble with the police for harassing my neighbors, throwing eggs at their windows, drinking behind my parents back and more. I done all the wrong things and started on a very wrong path to add to my misery. I think you get the message.

Moving forward to my young adult life, I became a father of two by the age of nineteen. I was living in a two bedroom apartment, with broken heaters and the walls full of green mold and moss. We spent most of that time sleeping in the box bedroom (with no window) because the other bedroom was not livable. Very basic smelly old apartment with no washing machine or dryer or microwave. I still remember having to carry a trash bag full of our dirty laundry to and from town (20mins walk) on my back twice a week just to get our clothes washed. I was working in a Chinese Restaurant 6 nights of the week. My shifts were from 4pm to 4am on weekends. Again trading hours for money working like a slave.

I was the only earner so I was working for nothing. Had no life, was working the whole time, became a robotic slave to the system and didn’t see my two sons growing up. I literally had no time to play with them or do all the fatherly things I would have loved to do.

My sons mother and I broke up back in 2000 when my youngest son was roughly a year old. So I had to find a place to live while going through hell and back wondering how my sons are doing without their Dad around. That was such insufferable pain I cannot describe. Still not easy to this day. But during that time we could see each other almost every weekend and during the Christmas and summer holidays for longer periods. But now that I live in Germany and my sons in Ireland we see each other maybe twice a year (because I have a job).

So I basically worked most (not all) of my life as a Chef and currently still do, struggling to make ends meet while dealing with all the DAILY headaches on just how to survive.

Moving on to about one and a half years later I met my now wife Sarah, originally from Germany. We met in a Restaurant where I worked as Sous Chef and my wife as a waitress while studying in college. I moved out of my hometown not long after with my now wife (then girlfriend) to a small village at the age of 23 to take over and run a Restaurant. I didn’t own the business, the business owned me. Two more years of hardship and struggle. My wife Sarah and I got married in 2005 and we now have three beautiful daughters together.

At this point of my life I was also drinking quite often and from age 26 onwards really started to be in darkness. I was very angry, everybody was wrong, I played the victim poor me why me, I had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, I suffered internally which nobody knew about except for my wife. My drinking also got worse. My meltdown almost caused my marriage to breakup. Things were seriously bad.

Me with my older brothers
and sister

I was convinced and had myself convinced I was dying. I lost weight rapidly, I was pale. I had no appetite and had a fear of eating incase I threw up. The reality nightmare just continued and got worse. In between all of this I had nobody to talk to, no friends and no family. My brothers and I had not spoken since 2003 and so I could not turn to them and I only speak to my sister couple times a year by phone. We all have crossed paths at some point either for funerals or weddings but never crossed a word together until recently when I went home to Ireland for my grandma’s funeral. One of my brothers spoke to me but very briefly. I was happy, at least it’s a start.

During this time I was in hospital twice, once to remove a pollop from my nostril and once for a hernia operation, both of those times were scary for me and I had to take a deep look at my life and make changes very fast. I was running to the doctors frequently because I was almost diagnosed with stomach ulcers (not the ulcers that are caused by a bacteria in the stomach), mine were from complete and utter negativity, stress, wrong eating, wrong thinking, wrong lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol and years and years of internal hardship.

So when I was going through all of this, I was backed in to a corner, I was poor, financially fucked, no job or outlook in life, sick, mentally, emotionally and physical sick and out of balance. I now had 5 kids to take care of, a beautiful caring understanding strong wife by my side who got damaged by witnessing all of this and suffered as a result and also felt hopeless and lost.

Me in the Himalayas in India

But I still had hope, a tiny spark. I turned to God, my only hope. I turned to meditation, a form of meditation that does not require silence (quite the opposite in fact), requires sound, repetitive words through your mouth, mantras. I began to take my baby steps. I joined a meditation group called Japa Meditation. I gave up alcohol and I began searching bigtime for a way to make money that I could help/serve and bring value to others and to myself, be healthy and work for myself at the same time.

So the start of my entrepeneurship was Network Marketing. I spent countless of hours and hours driving here there and everywhere for these product launch events. I spent and lost thousands of euro in the process. I attended all events with the most successful distributors but I didn’t make a dime.

The most I made in one month as far as I can remember was 78.24 euro and for anybody who knows Network Marketing, there is an active and non active status, for me to get that cheque that month I had to be active. And to be active you had to achieve 8cc it was called in the company. That means 800 euro of products had to be spent first OR sign up as many people as fuck. Talk about a load of shit.

How could I convince another person how great Network Marketing is when I myself was making fuck all at it and even losing money/time/effort/energy and getting more unhappy and frustrated in the process. After a year or so (YES I WAS THAT STUPID) and after meeting our Managing Director for Ireland and England, I gave up, it wasn’t for me, something was not right.

So I discovered a book not long after that called ‘The 45sec Presentation That Will Change Your Life’ by Don Failla. He is the No1 Network Marketer in the world, a couple of million in his downline by now. Anyhow, my spark reignited, my read through the book and the book answered a lot of my struggles/problems I had with the last company. This is great I said but only one problem: it doesn’t fit in with the company I’m in at the moment.

So I ripped through the internet to try and get Don Failla’s contact details. I got them and I have spoken to Don and his beautiful wife Nancy on many occasion. I joined the company Don is in. We still remain in contact to this day. Don explained where I was going wrong etc. I spent another year or so dabbling in that but to no avail. Network Marketing is I believe a very legit form of business but it just wasn’t for me, it is for millions of others out there but not for me.

So that was my first adventure on the internet. Years later no money. But I still felt the internet was the place to go. Another adventure and thousands of euro gone was a course set up by Robert Kiyosaki (RichDad PoorDad), it was a course about how to invest in Real Estate, the do’s and don’ts, watching your budget, the market, the right timing etc etc.

The cash flow board game in
the RichDad PoorDad course!

I started this course with my wife on Dec 22nd!!! It cost us a fortune because it guaranteed 100% success because of its success rate. On my first lesson with my coach, she told my wife that she should cut back on expenses, luxuries etc and bake fucking cookies and bring them to the local market to sell. We had no luxuries, we had only bare minimum wages, what fucking luxuries was she talking about??

WTF, I was fuming, we had just paid close to 7/8,000 USD to listen to this shit. We were wanting to learn how to make money, how to buy houses/property with little or no money hands down that was the promise of the program! Long story short, we continued to participate in the program (after I changed my coach), continued to learn and were asked to play fucking board games but the lessons/course was so complex we didn’t get one step further.

Who the hell is going to listen to me in the US asking about a house in a fucking estate I know nothing about, they don’t know me and I don’t know them….seriously!! We got to invest in nothing. Again, a great course IF you ALREADY have money to spend, in the proper mindset (prosperity mindset v poverty mindset/desperation). I loved the book by the way and I believe Robert Kiyosaki has his intentions in the right place.

Then I bought in to another course by Nik Halik (The Thrillionaire) called Sharelord, I heard about him through Bob Proctor. I paid I think close to $5000 AUD for this. Keep in mind I work for $11 per hour, that’s a lot of money!!! The course was all got to do about the stock market, how to zoom in make money and zoom out before you lost, compounding etc. Again money is needed, paperwork to be filled out etc etc.

The course was delivered to me in a box with about 30,000 hours of learning to do first (kidding but A LOT of hours), very very complex again so false promises, the same blah. Again I tried and failed. Back to depression for another while! So in the meantime I started buying books on self-help and making money. I was starving for info. I still read a lot to this day. I always want to better myself. That has been my life long motto.

I’ve also invested in Silver, recommended by the coach in RichDad PoorDad, he said invest in silver, there’s more gold then silver in the world so silver will skyrocket in price soon. Then you can check out. I bought 100 oz of silver at 36.34 USD per oz, Silver has been sitting at $18/$19 per oz for nearly years now. I almost immediately lost 50% of my investment and to add to my misery the Tax crowd in Ireland charged me something like $600 MORE just to release it to my address!!

Me and my daughters
on our 2nd day in Oz.

Then my uncle came home from Oz on a trip and I got talking to him. My wife and I were desperate for change and he informed me how brilliant the life in Oz is, the salary is so good, the weather etc. WHAT A DISASTER that turned out to be. I started the process of applying for a visa permit to go and work and live in Oz.

I spent hours/days/weeks searching online and picking out the most suited visa for me and my family. I was no better off so I hired a bunch of pricks in England who promised me the sun, moon and the stars before I paid them. I paid them thousands of ENGLISH STERLING, they basically took my money and keptno promises, I was doing all the work and they would throw me an email here and there.

So then I hired an Irish woman living in Oz who was approved by the Oz government to do visas. She was great, done her best, I paid her and waited for the visa to be confirmed. In the meantime I had to find an approved sponsor/employer to hire me. WEEKS AND WEEKS of literally THOUSANDS of jobs I applied for but to no avail.

Then my uncle put me on to a lady who ran a restaurant and a café. We had an interview and she agreed to take me on. We agreed terms, wages etc. So I gave in my notice to move out of my rented house by a certain date. The date came, we had to move out of our family home, in with my in-laws not knowing what the fuck was going on with the visa status.

It turns out the visa case officer went on maternity leave and my case was sitting on her desk. After weeks in my in-laws and sweating about the visa, the phone call finally came…congratulations you’re going to Oz. The bill from Oz government for the visa (non-refundable) and my Irish visa lady bill took nearly another 7-8000 euro ($9000) from my pocket.

Normally, that’s when the good news starts. Bought one way tickets to Oz, roughly another $6,000 USD and off we went. We got to Oz and I started to work a few days later. We had to live in a small 2 bedroom apartment for the first days with my uncle until we found our own place. It was a shithole that cost us $700 AUD PER WEEK!!

My boss fucked off on holidays within a few days, told me nothing, left me high and dry and we encountered our first cyclone.

My boss messed me around with false promises, made our life miserable. My kids HATED every minute of it, they were extremely homesick. They cried going to bed and cried waking up again in the morning. It was a NIGHTMARE. We just couldn’t keep up with all the fees. The school alone was $10,000 AUD per year.

We left Oz (paid almost our last money for flights back home), returned to Ireland to my in-laws for a breather and within two weeks moved to my wife’s country of Germany. That was April of 2014. We are here since.

As you can see (excluding the ebooks and other tiny courses I’ve taken) Money has just gone out of my pocket, not in. I have lost tens of thousands on investments and business adventures. So the balance of money out and money in is totally off.

Dan Lok on stage

I knew I just need guidance, support, direction and someone to believe in me. That’s where my mentor Dan Lok comes in.

I’m just a regular guy like you. I’m not a guru of any sort and I’m not making tens of thousands a month or even a year. I can relate to you. I bought in to a lot of things that didn’t work for me and I’m here to tell you that I’m not this super guy. I’m simply a family man on a mission to get my FU Money so I can live the rest of my life as I please.

If I happen to be the only one on this journey, I thought I’d share it with you to help you on your journey. I’m a very down to earth guy who just wants the best for my family. I have learned the hard way that life is sometimes not easy but I want to make the best out of it. You see, I still have a job and I manage this site part time. I also work on my Kindle business while caring for my family and working full time.

I’ve been totally transparent with you. I know it’s raw at times but it’s the truth, I could even share more. If you like what I have shared with you and what I am about and it inspired you in some way or you find this beneficial on your journey to FU Money, then it makes it worthwhile for me to set up this website.

Thank You,

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