Quantum Mechanical Body

Quantum Mechanical Body

What is the Quantum Mechanical Body?

It is the underlying basis for everything we are; thoughts, emotions, proteins, cells, organs and any visible and invisible parts of ourselves.

It is a network of intelligence,-not only the intelligence of the brain but also the intelligence of all other 50 trillion cells in our human body.

The quantum body reacts immediately to our thought and emotions.

As I mentioned in one of my other blogs, that we humans like to only believe in something which we can see…I again like to clarify that the quantum body is not visible easily to be seen, it is made out of faint vibrations, only to be felt with our senses, which are keenly attuned to our quantum field.

When you hear something about quantum healing, it is to be understood as a healing/medicine for our awareness.

Instead of UNCONSCIOUSLY creating our own dis-ease, we could rather CONSCIOUSLY create our own health, (in-ease).

Positive as negative feelings inside the body MUST express themselves in the physical body, because our thoughts, which are connected to our feelings, turn into chemicals.

With more negative emotions and thoughts, toxins develop and whatever the body can’t clear by itself (for example through healthy food and lifestyle, through meditation and mindfulness…) is left over as waste products which are continually building up in every cell of our body, that is the cause for ill health and diseases.

That means whatever we think or do originates in the quantum mechanical body and then shows up on the surface of our physical body and life.

I like to give you a few pointers of quantum healing and the so called quantum leap for the rest of this blog.

“To gain better health, you need a new kind of knowledge, based on a deeper concept of life.”

With “the deeper concept of life” is meant to move into the vibration of consciousness of body and mind.

It takes its time to grasp the concept of this super mental intelligence, but once we merge with our own abilities, we are knowledgeable about how to heal ourselves.

Consciousness = curing Power

Self-healing = quantum leap = very powerful healing force, the power of consciousness

Consciousness can unblock stagnations of physical and mental diseases.

You can learn about certain techniques, like: visualisation, loving and prayerful atmosphere, telepathy, placebo effect, breathing or laughing methods, chakra medicine and many more, but again the key to all of this is:

ACTION, be creative and adventurous!

Restore your BALANCE!

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