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24: John Lee Dumas on Breaking Your Success Barriers and How to Dominate Your Life

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the FU Money show! Where we bring to you practical, useful advice and information that will help you escape the rat race, fire your boss and live life on your own terms. Today we have a very special guest for you guys! We are joined by the founder and host of “Entrepreneur on Fire”: John Lee Dumas. Entrepreneur on Fire is an award winning podcast revealing the journey of today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs - seven...

23: Mike & Rob’s Reflections

Welcome to another episode of FU Money! This episode is about us: Michael and Robert and our reflections on our journey so far. It’s been a little while now and we have learned a thing or two thanks to our mentor Dan “the man” Lok. As introverts by nature we went from just getting by and not knowing what we wanted in life to really getting out of our comfort zones and trying to increase ourselves to the world.

Michael was...

22: From sleeping on a park bench, to transformational inner healing through martial arts and world renowned coach with Rodney King

 Transformational inner healing through martial arts
Rodney King was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He had a tough childhood, and was homeless, with only $20 in his pocket at 17. He never finished high school and determined he was going to make a better life for himself. He went into the military to escape the streets.

Today he heads 2 international companies and he uses martial arts training to teach people how to handle life. If it wasn’t for martial...

21: How Josh and Jill Stanton from screwtheninetofive grew an internet business of 5 figures per month

Welcome! Our guests today are the husband-wife team of lifestyle entrepreneurs, Jill and Josh Stanton. In 2011, they decided to test out starting a business together, and after over 30 websites later, are now making 5 figures monthly.

They firmly believe that you deserve a life that lights you up, where you feel proud, and YOU can call the shots. Jill and Josh are here to show you how you can take what you know and transform it into an online...

20: How To Hustle Your Way to the Top as a Social Media Director with Matt Astifan

Welcome! Today’s guest is Matt Astifan, who is a successful online entrepreneur and a movie geek turned social media expert. Matt is a self-described motivational podcast addict. He is also the founder of Web Friendly, which helps businesses use social media to generate highly targeted leads without wasting countless hours managing social media accounts. He is a Facebook marketing expert and the director of the Internet Masterminds Group.

What you’ll learn from Matt in this episode:

How Matt went from the film...

19: How Dave Koziel quit his job at UPS and Built a 6-figure Digital Publishing Business

Our guest today is Dave Koziel, who is an entrepreneur in the world of digital marketing and publishing. From a very early age, Dave knew he wanted to run his own business, and he proved that by starting many side businesses throughout his life. Dave left a job at UPS in 2014 to concentrate full-time on his internet business. In the first six months, Dave raked in over $10,000 per month in sales. He started his digital publishing company in...

18: How to attract droves of new customers, boost sales, and turn fledgling businesses into market leaders that generate six-figures in sales each year with Jason Van Orden

Today’s guest is Jason Van Orden. Jason has an uncanny grasp for internet marketing and online media strategy. He is one of the most sought after new media consultants, and he knows how to use new media to attract droves of new customers, boost sales, and turn fledgling businesses into market leaders that generate six-figures in sales each year. He has started a lot of businesses and also has a love of music, which he has tried to monetize as...

17: How Andy Dew the Young Hustler used Amazon FBA to Achieve Financial Freedom

Andy Dew travels the world and lives a location independent life.  He uses Amazon FBA to run his business and he created a course to show you how to do it too.  He has a physical products company and he shows you how to travel the world for free!

What were the first steps you took to build your business?

Saw a good opportunity and put everything on a credit card and jumped in with both feet.  I made a tons of...

16: How Marketing Genius Neil Patel Makes Millions with his Digital Marketing Empire

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama...

15: Discover the Secrets of Making Over $1 Million Online with Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak began in the online world in 1998.  He graduated from college and ended up building an online business editing and proof reading.  It was a business that was able to provide him a decent income and give him lifestyle freedom, but let’s face it - editing copy is boring.  Yaro continued to create and eventually on the advice of a friend, he started a blog.  Once he learned what you needed to do to make money blogging, Yaro...

14: Larry Winget the Pitbull of Personal Development Says You Should Grow a Pair if You Want to Survive

Larry Winget grew up dirt poor in OK and he made the decision early on after he was made fun of, he would do whatever it took to be rich.  The only thing he could do better than anyone was out work them.  He could get there earlier, stay longer, and work harder.  He started in telecom and ended up eventually owning his own telecom company.  After losing it all, he became a professional speaker.

Authenticity is one of his core...

13: Discover What it Takes to Get in the Game & Dominate Your Market with James Martell

Today’s guest is James Martell, an Internet pioneer who first discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, SEO, outsourcing and podcasting.  James is a successful author, publisher, podcaster, speaker and the VP of Marketing of Clearbrook Web Services Inc. James is a sought after speaker and has spoken at numerous events including Commission Junction University, Affiliate Summit, The System Seminar, Affiliate Convention, AffCon, eComXpo, Pubcon...

12: From Working 9-5 as a Salesman to Building a World Recognized Brand with 62 Million Views with Joel Brown

Welcome to FU Money!  Today’s guest is Joel Brown, an Entrepreneur who seeks to inspire like minded people.  He’s now reached 62 million downloads in 4 years and he has a high profile podcast to boot!  Addicted2Success is his podcast and he is doing everything he can to motivate others to take the Entrepreneurial journey!

Joel started Addicted2Success as a motivational website, and turned it into monetization as it grew.  People want positivity and success and people just shared his content. ...

11: From Waiting Tables on Minimum Wage to Making a Killing on Amazon FBA with Steve Raiken

Welcome to the FU Money Show!  Today we have an interesting interview!  Steve Raiken was just like us, working dead end jobs that he always hated, but he felt like life could be so much better.  He ended up finding a bunch of videos on YouTube and they were from what is known as the “Reseller Community”.  Soon after that Steve was hooked and began his own business reselling things on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist etc.  About 6 months later he...

10: From Asian Middle Class Introvert to 6-Figure Wealth Coach Transforming the Lives of Women Around the World with Tina Chen

Welcome to FU Money!  Today’s episode features an interview with Tina Chen - she champions women’s business issues and helps them gain financial freedom!  She’s an author, coach, entrepreneur and all around incredible person!

She describes her background as a " Biography of zeroes" - No inheritance, no blue blood last name, the wrong gender, the wrong ethnicity, the wrong personality (introvert), the wrong age (20’s).  While she didn’t have privilege growing up, she recognizes that many people have a worst...

09: Discover How Nathan Chan Built His 6-Figure Digital Publishing Empire in Under 2 Years

He was once and IT employee but always wanted to have an online business.  He created Founder Magazine 2 years ago and now it is a 6 figure business.  He has interviewed Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, and Richard Branson.  Founder is a digital magazine for entrepreneurs.  Please welcome Nathan Chan!

He started the magazine while he was working his full time job in IT.  He was the help desk technician that was doing the “grunt” work of IT.  He disliked his...

08: Private Mentorship Call # 1 with Millionaire Mentor Dan “The Man” Lok

Welcome to FU Money!  This episode is a way for us to show you about transparency.  This is a behind the scenes session with our mentor and Dan.  He lays it on the line and tells us like it is.  It’s tough love, and even tougher to change.

After this session, we realized that a lot needed to change.  We both have baggage from growing up that affects the way we project our own voices.  This is a huge challenge to...

06: How to Create a Killer Website that Attracts Massive Traffic

Welcome to FU Money!  We talking today about creating your own top producing website.  We are going through the same process and wanted to share with you what we are doing to overcome our challenges.We outsource the actual behind the scenes work for our website.  We don’t have a clue how to do any of the things that actually make the website work, so we found resources that could help us with our limitations.

You can check out our website at...

05: How to Grow a Audience and Market a Podcast to the World

Welcome!  Last week we talked about how to create your podcast, and this week we are going to talk about growing and marketing your podcast.

Pains and Struggles:

Topic based podcasts will need to be handled differently from a marketing standpoint than interview based podcast.

Topic based interviews are harder and the burden is on you to create value to help grow your following.

Interviews have their own challenge in finding the right guests and making sure they can give the right kind of...

04: How We Launched Our Podcast In Under 30 Days and How You Can Do It Too!

Welcome to another episode of F.U. Money!  Today we wanted to talk to you about creating your own podcast.

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the internet.  You can use it on your smart phone, computer, and sometimes even in your car!  Podcasting is growing and it is starting to take the place of normal FM radio.

The Main Benefits of Podcasts:

Establish authority
Market your brand
International reach
Monetize and create a revenue stream

We had some challenges in starting a podcast.  Here are...

03: How We Generated $5586.05 In 1 Month With Kindle Publishing!

Welcome to the F.U. Money Show!  Today we are going to talk about building an online business on the Kindle platform.  This is an online business that we know inside and out, because it is one  of the types of online business that we have.  We will leave no stone unturned, so hang on to learn all you need to know about getting started with Kindle Publishing.

To give you a little background, Kindle Publishing is creating e-books and then you...

02: 6-Figure Online Business Ideas That Work In Today’s Online Business Environment!

Welcome to the F.U. Money Show!  We are so glad you decided to join us today.  For today’s show, we have been working hard finding unusual ways to make money online.  So, we are going to walk you though some ideas and also provide you with the links to all the resources we discuss today.

We hope you will find this show useful to you as you start your journey to making money online, leaving the rat race and firing your...

01: Dan “The Man” Lok Shows You Exactly How You Can Dominate In Business!

Welcome to the F.U. Money show!  In our first episode we want to introduce you to ourselves, our stories, our mentor, and the concept of F.U. Money, but not necessarily in that order!

What is F.U. Money?

You’re probably wondering what F.U. Money means.  The concept of having F.U. money stems from the idea that with enough money, you can actually be the boss of your own life.  When you have F.U. money, you don’t have to punch a time clock.  When...

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