Hey, we’re Robert Mc Donagh and Michael Lau, mentees of Dan Lok, Best Selling Author of F.U. Money. Welcome to our site. We’re excited that you are here. If you’re new to the world of Internet Marketing and want to witness uncensored events of our steps towards our F.U. Money, this site is for you. This site contains the true, raw meaning of wanting your F.U. Money. No frills or red ribbons, you will witness it just as it is.

Just who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok moved from Hong Kong to Canada as a young teenage immigrant boy. He had little knowledge of the English language, no contacts and no money.Dan Lok is now a multi-millionaire and serial entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author. Dan is considered the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the ‘Millionaire Mentor.’ Check out Dan’s website here:

What does the word ‘Mentor’ actually mean?

A mentor is someone who has been there and done that and are still actively doing it now, not 20yrs ago. They are where you want to be in your wildest imagination. When you ask your mentor for advice, they are straight forward and totally honest, almost like a trusted advisor. They have the experience because they’ve been in the trenches. They give you real advice. It’s good to have a mentor that believes in you almost more than you believe in yourself. You will reach your goals and not get side tracked mainly because of having a mentor.

How did Robert’s Mentoring Relationship with Dan Begin?

My mentoring relationship started with Dan when I got accepted to be part of a project with him and Joe Vitale. Prior to that I had never heard of Dan. As part of this program Dan offered a 4 week free online course which I attended.

I was very intrigued to say the least about everything Dan stood for and had already achieved in his young life. I felt I related to him in a lot of ways and I loved his no BS character. He is simply full of knowledge and experience and down to earth guy.

So I spent hours upon hours going through his website, watched all video’s of Dan I could find, signed up to his newsletter, even spent hours upon hours following and listening to his mentor!

During this time, I would send emails to Dan about certain areas I was unsure about in the course. What impressed me was that Dan himself was answering, not his team, and always within 24hrs! That left a mark on me because it validated that he is a man of his word. He not only talks the talk but walk the walk. I like these kind of people.

So after weeks I plucked up the courage through email to ask Dan to be my mentor. Bearing in mind I knew how busy Dan is, and how much people pay to have him on board. I stepped outside my comfort zone and gave it a shot.

Dan agreed to speak to me by phone, I was happy, excited, nervous, everything, you name it I felt it because I wanted to work with Dan so bad. We spoke for an hour or so (45mins more than I expected), and our mentoring relationship and journey begun from there.

How did Michael’s Mentoring Relationship with Dan Begin?

My mentoring relationship started with Dan when I got invited to the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group by my close friend Benson. Dan found the group to impact 100,000 entrepreneurs in 5 years. At the first meetup, I was ecstatic to meet Dan because I had spent hours watching all his YouTube content and also hearing from Benson what Dan was all about and the massive value that Dan provides.

I remember the first meetup I was at where we learned about sales, the amount of knowledge I learned in 1 day trumped my 14 years of schooling in the formal school system. That is when I knew that having a mentor that has been there and done that is crucial to success. Over the next 14 straight meetups, I attended each and every one of them and also the after meetup dinners with Dan and the mentees where the real learning begins.

After going to the meetups and surrounding myself with success, my mindset shifted drastically and I was also growing my Kindle business to a point of minor success. However, I just didn’t know how to take it to the next level because it seemed I was just running in a direction with no guidance.

On the second last meetup before the summer of 2015, I decided to go up to Dan and ask for his help and his guidance (I was literally shaking because I was so nervous). The moment when Dan was thinking seemed like forever, but when he said to get on call to discuss it, I was ecstatic! The following Monday we got on a 60 min call and Dan took me on as a mentee. I was excited, nervous and all I could think of was the word “hustle”.


F.U. Money is the “enough is enough” number—when you get to a point when you don’t have to take shit from anybody, when you make enough money that you’re able to say fuck you to anyone, anywhere (including your boss, especially your boss!) without consequence.

F.U. Money means different things for different people. It’s a metaphor for freedom —freedom from financial worries that rich people experience… freedom from stress and debt… freedom from a daily office routine. When you have F.U. Money, you have complete, total freedom to live your life the way you want to live it, doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

F.U. Money gives you the freedom to choose when and how often you spend quality time with family and friends which we currently don’t have. It means you can buy things without looking at the price tag.

When you have F.U. Money, you can buy the vacation home in the mountain or at the beach.

You can improve your house and decorate it. You can drive the dream car you’ve always wanted to own.

You can buy the house you’ve always wanted to live in. No more sleepless nights worrying about money. These are all goals of ours to achieve. We have had and continue to have COUNTLESS sleepless nights worrying about money.

When you make your F.U. Money, you never again have to worry about the future of your family. You can provide for your parents or kids or grandkids. No alarm clock assaulting you in the morning.

You can wake up whenever you want and do whatever you want. You can just put “do nothing” on the to­do­list. You can go skiing, golfing, hiking, surfing, biking—whatever you feel like. W​e’re working on these like crazy.

Or if you’re like our mentor Dan, once you’ve made your F.U. Money, you can dedicate your life to helping other people make their F.U. Money as well (like Dan is doing with us right now!).

You can mentor others and find ways to make a positive difference. You can choose your work based on what you like to do and what really contributes to other people’s lives, not on how much it pays.

Life is pretty fucking awesome
when you have your F.U. Money!
– Dan Lok

For Robert, his first goal is to leave his job and to be able to do that his daily income target is $100. When he achieves that, he’s outta there!!For some people, it might be millions and millions of dollars, but for others it might not be anywhere near that much. However you define it, it’s about having so damn much money that you don’t need any more… where you could easily and gratefully give it away and still have plenty left over. It’s about living your life on your own terms, according to your possibilities, not your limitations.

For Michael, his first goal is to be able to fully support himself and his business, which is a daily income target of $134!

F.U. Money is the point
of true liberation.
– Dan Lok

Now why is F.U. Money important?

Well, put it this way—if you don’t make your F.U. Money, you’re permanently a slave like me (and probably you). It’s not a question of how much money you make. It goes beyond that. F.U. Money is the point of true liberation.

If you treat money like a drug,
you’re likely to become an addict.
– Dan Lok

By knowing your F.U. Money amount and understanding YOUR target and YOUR ideal lifestyle, you will be able to avoid this mistake. You will be able to accomplish what you want to accomplish and achieve the ultimate freedom.

That’s what Dan’s book is about: to make as much money as you damn well want, then live YOUR life—not anybody else’s version of your life—as you damn well please. F.U. Money is truly the point of true liberation.

Most people don’t do what they really want to do. They do what someone else wants them to do. Most people rarely do what they really want to do. We are two of them. That’s why we go to work in jobs every day that we hate.


We think DAILY of how our lives will be if we DON’T have F.U. Money. Both of us don’t want to say when we leave Planet Earth, “I wish I could have…I wish I would have…”

Instead, we want to say what William Hung said on American Idol: “I already gave my best and I have no regrets at all.”

Money is like sex. You’ll think of nothing else if you don’t have it–yet you’re free to think of other things if you do have it.
– Dan Lok

We don’t have enough money, so we’re always forced to say NO to opportunities with friends when they say, “Let’s go on vacation together!” and we say NO because we can’t afford it or we have to work. We say NO to charities because I don’t have enough to give. Robert can barely keep up with paying his own bills, petrol, kids school fees, clothes, shopping etc

We are constantly thinking about money, therefore we’re consumed by it. The No1 argument in our households is ALWAYS over MONEY. The No1 argument between our parents when we were growing up was ALWAYS over MONEY. And we can imagine it has gone generations back.

What we care about isn’t money — what we really care about is freedom. Money gives you freedom to make choices. We are very clear about what we want and what we don’t want in life. And what we want is the freedom to buy whatever we want, eat whatever we want, and go wherever we want. And freedom costs money.

With F.U. Money, we’re talking about living life to the fullest — about having it all. If you don’t know your F.U. Money amount, you’re flying through life blindly. You’re working day in and day out, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a different life?” yet never bothering to put a plan together to actually achieve the life that you want. And before you know it, life is over.

F.U. Money is about living your life on your own terms–according to your possibilities, not your limitations.
– Dan Lok


We’re not suggesting for one second that you spend the rest of your life in the pursuit of F.U. Money. In fact, we’re saying the opposite. We’re saying get this money thing out of the way NOW like we are doing now, so that you too can live the life you truly want to live—so you’re not forced to put your life on hold because you’re always thinking that you “don’t have the money.”

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