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Job Security Is An Illusion Oct Week 3


Guys, Let me share with you something you know deep down but don’t want, nor like to hear. Something that goes against everything you’ve been taught by your parents and grandparents, your uncles and aunts and probably most of your friends aswell.




Now isn’t that a pain in the ass. But there is NOTHING safe about it.

There is NO such thing as job security. You are only a number no matter how long you have had that wonderful position you now hold.

No matter how many years you have slaved for your boss(es). You are only a number. A tool to make them rich, and to keep you at bay.

At bay, I mean to pay you just enough that you can pay your bills each month but not too much that you can save enough and retire young or excuse my English to say FU to them.

The word J.O.B actually stands for Just Over Broke.

Think about it for second. Really.

Firstly, if you didn’t agree with me then you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

You know I am correct in my words but you are scared to admit it to yourself.

You know that job security is a load of bull but it’s what pays the bills. It gives you that once a year holiday to some cheap shitty holiday resort.

And at the back of all that, you know you were born to be someone else. To stand out from the crowd. You had your dreams when you were growing up. Where are those dreams now?

I’m guessing you’re living someone else’s dream. Not yours. Your mother or father wanted you to become a dentist or teacher or doctor so you fulfilled that. You fulfilled their dream.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I followed nobody’s dream and I still messed up. I took a job at the age of 15 in a Chinese restaurant because I was starving PLUS I was sick and tired of eating shitty cheap food. Plus, we were EXTREMELY poor. We had no money. And PLUS, my four other ‘’friends’’ dared me to go and ask for the job.

20 years later, look at me now. As good as broke. Very little savings. Living in a rented apartment. And since a few weeks, jobless.

Life is wonderful!! Why? Because I’m stupid. It took me almost 20yrs to realise that job security is an illusion.

Look at my partner Mike. Now that’s a clever lad. He dropped out of college just a few months ago. We are now running a very successful podcast together. And we are on a very track to doing what we both love to do.

Helping others achieve their aims by providing practical useful advice and info/value through our own real life mistakes and experiences and through what we’ve learned through our mentor Dan Lok. And Mike is just gone 20yrs old by the way. I’m jealous!

So why am I telling you all this? Well, to save you 20yrs or more of pure and utter stupidity and false belief that having a job (no matter what the salary) is NOT security for you or your family. You have no control over your destiny. And that my friend is one scary thought.


So let’s recap.

Right now I don’t have a job.

Am I scared? Hell yes!

Am I having sleepless nights? Hell yes!

Do I wonder if I will be successful with my FU Money Show or will it be a total failure? Hell yes!



Am I glad I’ve no boss any longer? Hell yes!

Am I happy to take the driver seat and go forward with my partner Mike and my mentor Dan? Hell yes!

Am I enjoying the flexibility of working on whatever subject I desire whenever I desire and wherever I desire? Hell yes!


Am I enjoying the thought of spending Christmas back in my home country of Ireland this year without having to ask my boss for permission to have time off? Hell yes!

You see, I’m sick and tired of been sick and tired. And when you feel in a rut, you don’t need the extra bullshit from your emotionless, thoughtless bosses. You do get to realise the easy way or the hard way that having a job and been a slave to the system is a pain in the arse to be quite frank.

Like I said, I couldn’t carry on lying to myself. Hoping and wishing that things will come in to place just because I’m a nice person. That’s just dreaming. Wishful thinking.

Time to make my dreams a reality. I’ve stopped chasing dreams, and started increasing my value to the world. Yes, in baby steps but nonetheless, I taking those steps.

And to increase my value to the world, I’ve started a Podcast with Mike to bring on seriously successful lifestyle entrepreneurs to help you on your path. Like a middle man, a reporter. I’ve started a blog, and YouTube video’s also.

Plus I’m going to learn a new skill, that when I master, can not only help my business but will get me clients that will pay me a monthly retainer. SEO, to be precise.

And also, when the time is right, I can set up a course to help you guys too. It’s a win win.

I read this quote the other day and I thought it summed it up. It went something like this;


‘’People look forward to their holidays so they can run away from their lives. Why not create a life not having to run away from. Then the holiday you choose is truly a holiday’’.


Profound eh?!

So here’s what to do.

Are you ready? Good!

By the way I am NOT saying to go in to work on Monday morning with all guns blazing!! DO NOT quit your job before you start making enough money online. Do it on the side. Build it up WHILE keeping your job.

Then when you’ve a good cash flow coming in on a consistent basis, you can tell your boss F*** O** or just simply bye bye, whichever you choose…;-)!


Step 1)

Go find yourself a mentor. This will cut years off your time and probably save you thousands of dollars. Why do you need a mentor? And what are the steps?

Check out my blog on that here.

Step 2)

Find out what you are really passionate about. Go deep inside. Of course you can make big money doing something you hate but you won’t be happy. You need the full package.

Step 3)

DO NOT procrastinate. Fear will rise. You will feel sweaty. You are leaving your comfort zone. And my friend, your comfort zone is your income zone! Buy this book here. If you do not overcome the fear of failure, then my friend, you are doomed.

Step 4)

Remember; There are only two options: Make Progress or Make Excuses. Find your WHY, your REASON why you want to succeed. It must be very strong, so unshakable that no matter what you are going to face, you will embrace.

My reason is my wife Sarah and my 5 children.


Two more FANTASTIC and very fitting quotes from Neil Patel.

‘’Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from’’.

 ‘’Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit’’.


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