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20 Motivational Quotes from Sales Master Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone wasn't always a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and #1 Business Sales Expert. He has achieved massive success through hard work, dedication, drive and insane hustle. Grant now runs a multi-million dollar empire and is regarded as a sales master.

Here are 10 Motivational Quotes from Grant on building your brand, your business and your hustle!

You can’t reach your potential without haters. - Grant Cardone

Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.- Grant Cardone

Do what others refuse to do.- Grant Cardone

You can’t get anywhere flying under...

Where to Start? Who to Believe? Who to Follow?

Where to Start Who to Believe Who to Follow

Where to start is simple. When starting off on your entrepreneurial path, you start with yourself! What do you want out of life? Go inside yourself and really give it some thought. Everybody finds it easy to know what they DON’T want in life. They bitch about it all the time, to their friends, family, parents and work mates but VERY FEW actually know what they DO want.

This is not an easy exercise but when you complete it you will...

#1 Mistake That Is Preventing You From Becoming A Millionaire

#1 Mistake That Is Preventing You From

Why Do Millionaire NBA Stars Go Broke?
Are you curious as to how Multi-Millionaire NBA Basketball players go broke? The reason is due to poor money management and financial illiteracy. Most of these players only have one source of income and when they get that fat multi-million-dollar cheque, they binge on it.

They buy fancy houses, fancy cars, fancy dinners and all this stupid stuff. The only problem is, what happens when they lose this only source of income? They are suddenly...

How to Find Your “Millionaire Mentor”

How to Find Your “Millionaire Mentor”

One of the ways to pack your success is to be very mindful of the company that you keep and who you allow to influence your thoughts. And for the most of us, our thoughts have been conditioned to behave and act in certain patterns since birth.

So, if you naturally think the worst, fear the worst and hang around with negative people, then you have a mountain to climb BUT the good news is it is all achievable.

Our brains are...

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