The 3 Questions and The Skyscraper

Sarah Canva (the 3 questions and the skyscraper)

Do you feel stuck, feel like something is crumbling or just a feeling of something is not quite right? Do you dream of the magic island for success, own development and freedom of choice?

To start building our own ship of freedom and success, we all needed to attracted the best teachers in our lives and developed our own business, with our own unique skills. Have you ever heard from your parents, grandparents or teachers that, if you really work HARD you will be ok?

I think this is all a lot of nonsense. We all know lots of people who worked hard all their lives and I am asking you, are those people in real financial freedom?

Did they see their children growing up, are they healthy enough in retirement age to travel the world, see distant lands or go mountain climbing?

This working hard talk is a myth, get it in your heads! You have the choice to get out of it, you can escape the rat race.

You might say it is not easy to work another way because you were trained like that! But is it not more clever to work SMART NOT HARD


Robert T. Kiyosaki’s words :

”I truly believe in education, financial education, the education that truly teaches you what you need to learn to be successful in your life.”

“This is an astonishing and abundant world we live in and there is way more than enough energy, material, ingenuity, creativity and ambition to allow EVERY HUMAN BEING to be wealthy!”

“Increasing self-esteem is more important than a huge pay check. It is priceless and it will help you to earn millions.“


Successful in the way you think and feel, success in your career and in true living.

Whenever you come to a stage in your life where you don’ t think anymore that a nine to five job for 50 years brings you the lifestyle you want, when you realise that you are stuck in a rat race, when you have a deep desire to treat your life different, then ask yourself three questions :

1 – What am I doing ?

2 – What is working ?

3 – What is not working ?

And after you figured that out, have a look into your new adventure. Once you start your new action plan, make sure you build your skyscraper on a solid foundation. Imagine you are just about to start your new business, what do you need to do first…???

Correct a base to begin, which means to follow guidance, to act on your own account, to make mistakes and to do the right thing and go further, and many more things. But to get to build your skyscraper of success, you need one thing more urgent than anything else, one thing which is a solid and stable foundation.

To lay a good foundation you need a lot of strength because this part is the hardest to build. After you have invested time, strong nerves and sometimes money, took mistakes as something good and to let ego be hurt sometime, you can start building your ground floor.

That part is already faster and you will feel more confident and you will see clearer visions.n Coming to the first floor you are on a stage of plain sailing to higher and higher levels.

…but remember you can only reach higher lever when you have built the lower levels first and to build lower levels you need the ground floor…

…but your whole skyscraper can only stay standing on a SOLID FOUNDATION and that is why the foundation is the most important issue to look after.

If you haven’t built a solid foundation for your skyscraper of success, it soon will crumble….

Always remember to build a solid foundation and for the transition you can start with the three questions and you will see where to continue…


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