The Raw Truth. Are You Prepared?

The Raw Truth. Are you prepared.

Don’t you just hate it when you click on a website and the income report shows you for the month of March 100k+, April 120k+ and then to be told it took that internet marketer ‘’only 4 months to achieve’’. Followed by subscribe here to find out ‘’how I did it’’ and ‘’how you can do it too’’. Please permit me to share with you the truth. There is no God earthly way that is possible. Certainly not in that space of time.


Let me explain with an example:

When you ask a doctor how long he is a practicing GP, he will give you the answer from the FIRST day he started OR probably from the day he/she graduated. Simple. They don’t mentioned the 7 YEARS it took them to get there, studying and sitting exams month after month.

The same goes for most of the bloggers and internet marketers out there. They fail to mention that they tried and failed for years before making their first breakthrough. They fail to mention that it probably took them 4/5/6 years of very hard work, long hours, a lot of time and energy before they made their first sale. Never mind the amount of money they lost too along the way.

That’s the hard truth. It’s tough to swallow I know but that’s what it takes. YEARS of failures, trials and errors before hitting the jackpot so to speak. You need to build your foundation for a successful business, let it be blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing or podcasting.


The secret is this…

Find ONE thing that you like and are good at and STICK to it. Now you may ask, how do I know what I like and I am good at? Again, very simple. You will feel it. When you hop out of the bed in the morning and you can’t wait to get going. That’s your sign. Perseverance will be the key along with determination. When your reason is strong enough on why you want to be successful, results will follow. Reason is first, result is second.

I would like to invite you to follow me and my partner Michael Lau on our journey to our F.U. Money. This is where we will share the raw truth on what it takes to make your F.U. Money. No fluff, no BS, just the raw truth. But the question is, can you handle the truth?


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