The Right to HAVE

Sarah Canva (the right to have)

Why not wanting something nice? 

Why not dreaming big? 

Why not doing something good to yourself?

Whoever got it printed or better said tattooed into the mind set of us people, that we should be modest, mannerly and pretty…?

Is it not our birth right to be authentic, pure and prosper?

Allow yourself a minute to think about it, where do you stand, what mind set do you follow, do you feel joyful?

In my last blog post I wrote about action and I like to share one more little story with you, about the Rabbi and the flood

The Rabbi new a great flood was coming and would swamp the land, but he was set in his believe that God was going to safe him. His steadfast believe in the help of God and his own will, blinded him. Before the flood came God sent Rabbi a car, when the water rose God sent Rabbi a boat and when the hut of the Rabbi was starting to swamp away God send him a helicopter, but the Rabbi only saw the signs he wanted to see. Only the signs which were printed in his mind, through conditional mind set thinking.

Gods flood came, but also Gods car, Gods boat and Gods helicopter.

Why do you think the Rabbi did not see all the signs God sent him for his rescue?

Do we not often act like the Rabbi, too?

Where is our intuition gone, where our alignment with source?

Where are our visions, dreams and life force, where our plan of actions, our power of greatness, our belief in ourselves, the natural purity and innocence?

We are born with individual blueprints, but we are also born to have the right of free will and choices. Let’s erase the tattoo, let’s go back to our inner place, our purity to see the signs which lead us the right way, our own individual way, the best way there is for us.

The way to the nice things, to big dreams, to feel good…

We just need to find back to source to understand and to claim our Right to HAVE, whatever we deserve.

Whatever your dream are, wherever you may be, whatever past you have….you are allowed to search for and to claim your birth right.

Two first steps should be followed.

1: The right thrive in you needs to be lit

2: The right strategies need to be learned


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