Where to Start? Who to Believe? Who to Follow?

Where to Start Who to Believe Who to Follow

Where to start is simple. When starting off on your entrepreneurial path, you start with yourself! What do you want out of life? Go inside yourself and really give it some thought. Everybody finds it easy to know what they DON’T want in life. They bitch about it all the time, to their friends, family, parents and work mates but VERY FEW actually know what they DO want.

This is not an easy exercise but when you complete it you will feel a shift. I challenge you to put it in writing and declare it to yourself what you DO want. That was my very first task after running around joining every course that came my way, losing years of my time and energy, and a lot of my hard earned cash.

You need to believe in yourself, that you can do it. That no matter what you choose and stick to, you will succeed at it. You are not lying to yourself, it is a sincere statement, a deal with yourself because let’s face it, few of us inherit millions, nobody gives a toss about us although we like to think so, they say they do but deep down it’s not true.

You have to fend for yourself, you should fend for yourself. That was my biggest mistake, always hoping, wishing and expecting that somebody else would feel sorry for me, help me out, lend me a hand. But it doesn’t work like that, not always anyhow.

I have no friends, I have no education, I’m living in a foreign country where the language is not my mother language and two out of my five children are living in a different country also and I get to see them twice a YEAR!! BUT all of that is called ‘’SO WHAT’’. EVERYBODY has it tough, not just you and I.

The real question is, what am I going to do about it. Play victim and roll over like a puppy or grow balls of steel and become a Gladiator. It’s your choice. I’m asking you to believe in yourself and fight for your right to be here. Follow your dreams. I am. Remember determination and perseverance is VITAL to your success but you don’t have to do it alone.

Read on…

Who to follow is also very simple when you actually take the time to sit down and give it some thought. Once you have decided which niche you want to get in to, you follow whomever is successful CURRENTLY in that niche.

Do not follow someone who was successful 20yrs ago or used to be successful. The internet has cycles, whatever was working back in 1995 is more than likely is outdated now.

They must be active NOW, TODAY. Dreaming and wanting to be successful like them is also worth shit if you don’t take action. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on twitter, FB, you name it, just do it. That’s what I done AND I went one step further. Ready to listen?

I found myself a mentor and I recommend you do the same as fast as humanly possible. Dan Lok as you probably know by now is my mentor.

I followed him and his work for quite a while. I watched all his video’s, went through his website for weeks, I even followed and learned everything I could about his mentor Dan Pena (better known as the $50 Billion Dollar Man), and no that’s not a typo..haha.

If you are serious about taking that leap to the next level or you are stuck, I recommend it highly that you find yourself a mentor. But be prepared, a REAL mentor might not take you on just yet, you might not be ready even if you think you are. They will know when you are ready. But what have you got to lose by asking?


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