Wise Words & Supramental Intelligence

Wise Words & Supramental Intelligence

Wise Words

The E-Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber

  • To make it big in any business, you need to be/have a level of 3 things
  • The Technician (you need to know, how to do the work)
  • The Manager (team and train)
  • The Entrepreneur (have visions and think big)

Work ON your business, not IN it !

 The Art of Happiness, by HH Dalai Lama

  • All human actions can be seen in terms of movement, and the mover behind all action is one’s MOTIVATION.

 The four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

  • 1-Be Impeccable with your word
  • 2-Don’t take anything personal
  • 3-Don’t make assumptions
  • 4-Always do your best

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

  • All creative scientists know that the true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusion they uncover the law of truth.
  • Man IS a soul and HAS a body
  • Forget the past,….human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will IMPROVE if you are making a spiritual effort NOW.

Britta Alexandra

“I am completely satisfied, I just want more.”

Napoleon Hill

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Robert Kiyosaki

“Increasing self-esteem is more important than a huge pay check. It is priceless and it will help you to earn millions.”

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles

“It is perfectly right that you should desire to be rich; if you are a normal man or woman you cannot help doing so. It is perfectly right that you should give your best attention to the Science of getting rich…”

The Mater Key System, by Charles Haanel

“What three steps are absolutely essential? – The knowledge of our power, the courage to dare, the faith to do.”

“What is the first law of success? – Service.”

“How will our greatest success be achieved? – By the recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as to receive.”

Supramental Intelligence

From the blog of quantum healing/quantum leap we get to the fascinating supramental intelligence, which is intertwined with quantum physics.

Quantum healing is the doorway to supramental intelligence.

Once we become active and creative, the process of exploration is about to begin. To engage in our relationship within to foster the quantum leaps, we arrive at the supramental.

When we merge into the supramental state, we no longer are at the doorway, we entered the domain of the supramental intelligence.

To know for ourselves when the time has come that we became one with our supramental is easily to be seen, when quantum leaps occur effortlessly and appropriately in our daily life.

  • To reach the supramental we have to bypass the mind, only then quantum leaps can take place.
  • An active preparation for changing to NEW blueprints or developing NEW DNA needs a purity of intention, a purity of healing.
  • We should keep in mind that our feelings are related to the functioning of the program that runs our organs.
  • Once the blueprint begins to run smoothly, the particular stagnation of a character starts to get unblocked and the diseased organ gets cured.

There are many ways to start the active process of the journey inside to the supramental.

One of the first things we must learn is to take responsibility for our disease. That alone can be a hard and bitter road of a hurtful truth, but in the end you will reap the awards.

Start by giving your dis-ease a positive meaning, speak to it, let it be a part of you– L E T  I T  B E , give it a colour and form, even a name, once you are in tune with it, you can release it.

This are only a few leads to give you a small overview of supramental intelligence, it is also a quite complex medium to understand. To grasp its full capacity learn and study as many books and references as possible for you.

Just in the end of this blog I like to give you a short paragraph about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Emotional Intelligence serves you in your business to stay calm and cool in critical moments.

It also serves you in important situations to stay objective and not to get emotionally involved or upset or heated up.

Here are five pointers to study:

  • Knowing oneself
  • Emotional management
  • Controlling emotions
  • Empathy and compassion (only objectively, not getting emotional involved in their dilemma)
  • Handling emotional relationships


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